Is the Bathroom now the most important room in the home?

11 December 2013

Is the bathroom the most important room?

Historically the bathroom was seen as nothing but a practical necessity, with little thought given towards enhancing the user’s experience, in terms of design or functionality. In recent times, however, the role of the bathroom has evolved so much that, if asked, many would now say it is now the most important room in the home, especially when considering product selection and design.

The bathroom was originally seen as a place where someone would go to maintain their personal hygiene with very little, or non-existent, thought given to designing this room. Taking this even further at one point in time, within the last 150 years, the amenities used to maintain a healthy and socially acceptable odour didn't even have their own separate space in the home! Before the 20th century most working and middle class homeowners would use public wash houses and it was only in the early to mid-20th century that outside facilities or a combined bathroom/living room were invested in - a drastic point to make but a valid one all the same.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the perception of the home bathroom has changed dramatically (with many households now boasting more than one). Not only is this now a room in its own right, but also a place where we go to retreat and unwind after a hard day’s work, whatever our occupation. It’s a place where we find solitude and comfort after a busy day and the one room in any home where design is now being focused upon more than ever to provide a serene, calm and relaxing environment. The key is now to design combining style and functionality. As interior designer Lesley Taylor explains...“The bathroom is now no longer a space used for purely functional activities, but is now a safe haven away from the stresses of everyday life, whereas before, function used to reign high above style, these two elements now work together, hand in hand, to ensure a space that fulfils all bathing desires and at the same time, looks fabulous”. Think about it, when is the last time you took a bath to “have a wash”? Now when you take a bath you’re going for a ‘soak’ to aid relaxation and unwind. The washing element is now a given and you’re actually looking for everything else in-between.

The design and styling of the modern bathroom is no longer only dictated by your general fixture and fittings, but also pays close attention to the use of lighting and colours, flooring and wall decoration, finishing touches such as blinds or curtains, radiator type, choice of mirrors and even the colour of towels - everything must either match or complement one another. Customers now take this purchase choice so seriously that many like to invest in an interior designer (a 19% employment growth from 2006-16) to help with their product selection to ensure complete bathroom design, style and function.

Passmore Group, which includes MoreBathrooms, offers bathroom design as part of their complete bathroom service. They offer the whole service, from initial survey and design to supply and installation. What’s more is that the Passmore Group complete a job from start to finish, with no sub contractors, with the aim of creating an individual sanctuary of relaxation within a customer’s home.

Tony Passmore, Passmore Group Managing Director, comments on the change in the Bathroom market:

“We have been in the business of bathroom installation for over 50 years - we've seen it all and we've had to change our process to accommodate the new, dynamic, and ever changing market. Our customers are our life line and we want them to have an easy and enjoyable experience from start to finish and for them to be reassured they are in good/safe hands - a pioneering reason as to why we now ‘do it all’.

Customers want help and guidance with choice, they want something unique but practical, the ‘need’ behind this purchase has evolved and as a result so has the solution. We’ve had to become experts in all aspects of bathroom installation including design, where both style and function must work in harmony. All bathroom designs must be practical yet also need to ooze style and aid in relaxation.”

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