5 Design Tips That Will Help You Combine Style and Safety in Your Bathroom

14 January 2014

Stylish & Safe Bathrooms

Even if you are as fit as a fiddle, it's a good idea to provide as many safety features as you can into the design of your bathroom. Unfortunately many people are under the impression that a bathroom that incorporates safety features will have a look and feel that belongs in a hospital – they couldn’t be more wrong.

Many solutions are now available that offer attractive features that will blend into your preferred design. Whether you love sleek, minimal design or are hooked on traditional, you can definitely provide safety without sacrificing style and here’s how:


When it comes to showers, universal design and luxury have a lot in common. Some of the latest and most sought after bathroom design trends manifest from safe solutions. A perfect example is the walk-in shower or low level / easy access shower. Commonly these showering solutions feature no doors and when combined with boutique / mosaic tiles and versatile shower sprays, they fit perfectly in with designs that make showering safe, accessible and easy to use.

Grab Rails:

Grab rails are one of the safety features that have traditionally screamed "institutional." The sterile public-restroom look they possess is the one reason that people resist installing them. However the shape and colour of a hand rail can play a large part in whether it looks clinical or compliments the bathroom. For example, a minimally designed, rounded, oil-rubbed bronze coloured hand rail situated in a beige / cream bathroom suite would offer a warmer and more traditional look that feels luxurious and safe.


Secure seating inside the shower is another great safety feature. A generously proportioned built-in bench is so much easier on the eye than a plastic one and if a built-in bench would take up too much room, consider a teak fold-up bench or chair. Plastic might say "hospital," while teak says "spa" but in the end whether a built-in bench or fold-up seating solution both say safety.


To ensure complete safety in the bathroom a non-slip floor is paramount, especially in the shower. With design being a secondary element of importance, we would recommend tumbled stone or non-glossy ceramic tiles, preferably mosaics, that are embedded in a dense network of grout would be ideal. Grout lines are good because they add texture, but they should be thin to keep the surface smooth.


Quarter-turn lever taps are extremely easy to use, require no strength to grip and can be made to include thermostatic valves that protect against accidental scalding. Thermostatic mixing valves are also available and these can be fitted to any tap making them an ideal choice if you have reduced sensation in your hands. Both alternatives make bathroom use safe and best of all these taps look no different to standard taps and are available in a wide range of styles and finishing touches that can be used in conjunction with showers, baths, basins and sinks.

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