Making the Most of Unused Space

27 March 2014

Unused Bathroom Space

If you have unused space downstairs in the home you may be looking to transform it into something practical. Small spaces can be useful, having an additional WC or ‘cloakroom’, for use of a proper term, can be extremely beneficial especially at those peak times in the day and when family & friends come to visit.

Granted, you may have your reservations and be particularly concerned about how it will look when it’s done – the last thing you want is a small, cramped, claustrophobic room that you can’t even turn round in.

Less is more.

It can be tempting to cram full size bathroom fittings into a cloakroom to ‘make the most’ of it. However by doing this, you could actually be making the space feel even smaller. When planning your cloakroom, measure the space and be realistic about what will fit and where.

Whether you’re serious or just curious it is often beneficial to have a surveyor come and evaluate the options for you. A surveyor would help and advise you on how to fully utilize the space available and product choices that would complement the room.

Enhancing available space.

Corner toilets and basins, and corner shelves, can help make a small space work better. No one stands in the corner of a room, therefore if you put your fittings into the corners, you’ll be left with more useable room in the middle, making the room seem less busy.

On the other hand wall hung fixtures and fittings allow the eye to take in the whole floor area, making it seem bigger. Although you’re not actually gaining any usable space by adding wall hung items, that extra glimpse of floor space can be worth it.

Mirrors reflect light, which helps make a space seem brighter and airier. Adding a mirror or two is one of the simplest cloakroom ideas and often one of the most satisfying to implement.

Finally by adding some pale décor, light reflecting tiles or paint, you could make your tiny cloakroom feel a lot bigger. Whichever you prefer all will help to bounce plenty of light around your room, lending it an airy and spacious feel.

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