Bathroom Design – Bathroom Remodelling Top Tips That Can Save You £££’s

9 April 2014

Top Tips

Re-modelling your bathroom will not only put a smile back on your face but can also add a great deal of value to your home.

Most people look to completely re-design there bathroom suite every 10-12 years however those same people look to update it after just 5-6. In today’s economy a customer would be looking to pay between £6,000 & £8,000 for a complete bathroom design, supply and installation service – a lot of money to spend every 5/6 years!

The truth is, bathroom amenities – baths, showers, toilets & sinks, are very hardwearing and they will last you 10-12 years in terms of design and durability. However it is all the other items that can leave your bathroom, once ‘dream bathroom’, feeling tired, dull & outdated. If this sounds all a little too familiar then you need Passmore Groups* bathroom remodelling TOP-TIPS.

Firstly we would suggest giving your bathroom a lick of paint. Simply changing / updating the colour of the room can make it instantly feel brighter, lighter and fresher. If you choose to go with a completely different colour we would suggest you choose something that compliments the colour of existing tiles and flooring or else it could get expensive. To further compliment your new colour scheme why not also purchase some new towels? The soft & fluffy effect of a new towel after a fresh shower will further add to the ‘brand new’ effect of your bathroom remodel.

Re-grouting of tiles can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your bathroom and really help to bring out the colour of the tiles. We would also suggest purchasing either a new shower screen or shower curtain as these designs & trends can change yearly. Also due to the nature and purpose of screens & curtains they can appear dirty and old from staining of water & soap so a simple update can make your bathroom feel new, modern & on-trend once again.

Finally, changing & updating your taps (basin & bath) and shower head will add years to the appeal and design of your bathroom. Similarly, new designs for taps and shower heads are continuously being updated in order to follow trend therefore adding a new set of shiny taps to a 10 year old sink can work wonders for your bathroom suite.

Furthermore, if you’re really looking to enhance an existing bathroom suite we would also suggest purchasing a new bathroom mirror – the bigger the better, and reface existing bathroom cabinets.

The Passmore Group*, a Leeds based Home Improvements Company, specialise in bathrooms by design (MoreBathrooms) and bathroom solutions (MoreAbility). Whether you require a complete bathroom solution or a bathroom renovation the Passmore Group offer bathroom design as part of their complete bathroom service. From initial survey and design to supply and installation Passmore Group offer expert advice with regards to meeting individual needs with an aim of creating an individual sanctuary of relaxation within your home.

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