Condensation; The Bathroom Mood Killer

3 April 2014


Condensation naturally occurs in the bathroom as a result of steam from a hot shower or bath meeting with a colder surface area i.e. walls, tiles, windows and mirrors. Condensation itself is not the problem however if the room is not ventilated properly, during and after use, condensation can then lead to damp which would eventually turn to mould.

At any given time a shower, and/or a bath, can create up to 1 ½ litres of moisture / water vapour per person. Meaning in a single day, in a 3 person household, there is a potential of 4 ½ litres of moisture created in the bathroom alone.

This moisture has to go somewhere, and given the above stats it is becoming much clearer as to why the bathroom is a prime area for damp & mould to reside and grow.

Picture it. The Bathroom. That one room in your house where you can find solitude and completely let yourself unwind and relax after a hard day’s work. The room where you spent hours in a local showroom specifying exactly what you wanted and spending your hard earned money on, ruined and defaced as a result of allowing Mother Nature to have her own way. Well not anymore. Preventing the formation of damp and mould from occurring in the first place is much easier than trying to get rid of it and here’s how:

Ventilation! Yes, it really is that easy…

Firstly we would advise while running and taking a bath or shower to close the door, to contain and confide the steam to one area rather than letting it spread throughout the house, and open the bathroom window in order to allow it to escape – Mother Nature wants it so much then she can have it in her own environment.

Secondly if the bathroom has been fitted with an extractor fan or a heat recovery ventilation unit turn them on and keep them on while preparing, during and after bathing / showering. Extractor fans will carry the steam away while a heat recovery ventilation system will heat the room, providing warmer air meaning more moisture can be held in the ‘environment’ with less condensation as a result.

Thirdly reduce showering / bathing time. The less time you expose your bathroom to Mother Nature the less time she will have to react and the less steam / condensation she will have to react with.

Finally, after use, make sure you wipe away excess condensation off mirrors and windows. The quicker you are at getting rid of it the less time it will have to ‘breath’.

Incorporating adequate condensation combating equipment into your bathroom should ideally be done in the design stage of a new bathroom suite. It is easy to get caught up in the more exciting design elements, however this is just as important in terms of prolonging the look, feel and appeal of your bathroom and any good surveyor / designer would do their best to reign you back in should you get to carried away. Failing that, it’s never too late to update your bathroom suite with adequate ventilation if a bathroom redesign / renovation is not currently on the cards.

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