The Power of Colour in Bathroom Design

8 May 2014

The Power of Color in Bathroom Design

One of the most important elements when designing a room, is the appropriate use of colour. When used incorrectly colour can create an uncomfortable or unpleasant atmosphere within a room. The reason for this, is the emotional effect it has on a person inhabiting a space.

The least expensive and most effective way to decorate a room is to change the paint colour. In addition to creating a new look; colour has the power to visually affect the appearance of a room. For example, if the room is large in size and cool then choosing a dark colour will make it feel warm and more closed. Similarly using lighter colours will make a small and dingy space feel light, bright and airy.

When exploring potential colour schemes it is first essential to understand what sort of atmosphere you are wanting to create. Essentially when designing a bathroom suite most people are looking to create a calm, serene, warm and relaxing environment.

Several colours / colour schemes can be used to create the desired atmosphere in the bathroom all it would come down to then is personal choice.

Sky Blue - This is a colour that works wonders in a bathroom environment. Sky Blue seeks peace and tranquillity promoting both physical and mental relaxation – in other words everything you could wish for when creating the perfect atmosphere.

Ivory - A soft neutral colour that isn't quite white and has some of the earthiness of light brown / beige & yellow. Ivory represents quiet and pleasantness making it a perfect colour for creating a soft, calm, warm and comforting environment.

Brown, Cream & Sand Stone – Combining these colour schemes would create a luxurious, warm, relaxing and comforting environment. This particular colour pallet is very popular in bathroom design for the environment it creates.

Red – Red is the warmest of all colours and also the colour of passion. Caution should be taken when applying this colour as too much can create a negative environment as the colour Red is also associated with anger and danger. It is often best to combine this colour with a cream / off white colour which would create an environment which is warm, comforting and relaxing.

All of the above colours, whichever your preference, can be implemented in a variety of ways - paint, tiling, wall decoration or adding furniture. A combination of colours and decorative pieces accompanied by some expert, knowledgeable design advice should leave you with a bathroom masterpiece that is an exact reflection of the atmosphere you were looking to create – first rule is to be open and honest with what you want and any concerns you may have.

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