7 Tips to Creating the Functional Family Bathroom

10 July 2014

Creating a functional family bathroom ...

For the majority, the phrase ‘family bathroom’ often means ‘busy bathroom’. Inevitably, whatever the usage rates we all want a well-designed, stylish bathroom that we can use as a place to escape from our busy lives and enjoy abit of peace & quiet, relaxation and ‘me-time’. However, with the introduction of a family, the need for style diminishes to be replaced with functionality & safety.

Within this article we aim to help you create the functional family bathroom that incorporates the want for style and the need for functionality & safety all combined with ideas for inspirational design and general bathroom maintenance.

1. Shower

Whether an individual or combination fixture a shower in a family bathroom is a fundamental asset. They are quick, environmentally friendly, are easy to clean and offer that stylish look and feel.

2. Eco Flush Toilet System & Eco Shower Head

Eco friendly bathroom fixtures are essential in a demanding household as they save you money on your energy and water bills. A standard flush system uses approximately 7/9litres per flush whereas an eco-flush system uses only 3/6. Similarly an Eco shower head will save you up to 30% on your current shower water usage.

3. Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is a MUST in a busy bathroom. The removal of the excess steam and water will prolong the life of your bathroom whilst at the same time keep it looking and smelling fresh, even when it is used within an inch of its life.

4. Clever Storage

With the various number of toiletries – shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body wash & scrubs, bath bombs, bubble bath, shaving foam, the list DOES go on, found in the modern family bathroom there is an ever growing need for clever and multiple storage options. Concealed units, fitted units, wall hung units, mirror units are a snap shot of the options available – ask your surveyor!

5. Wipe Clean Surfaces

The more area covered by wipe clean & waterproof surfaces the better. Tiles, the bigger the better – less grout = less areas for mould & dirt to accumulate, Wall Panels & Sheets will be easier to clean and remove excess water.

6. Double Basins

The perfect solution for those busy morning’s, when it feels like the world and its wife are trying to get ready in the same room.

7. Towel Rail / Radiator

Everybody’s washed, everybody’s bathed and showered the issue now is drying those damp towels. Leaving them folded or in a bundle on the floor will not facilitate them to dry and as a result will cause mould and a damp smell to produce and linger.

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