Wet Floor Showers – The Ultimate Showering Solution

27 October 2014

Over the past decade we have seen a real shift towards showering rather than bathing and the fundamental reason for this is the busy nature in which we now live our lives.

Everyone enjoys a relaxing soak from time to time, that hour, once or twice a week, where we can truly unwind and focus on the ‘me time’ we all need and deserve. For the majority however, a showering solution is what gets us from one day to the next.

As a result of this switch in bathing habits we have seen a growing trend in the showering solutions now available for installation within the modern day home, with one in particular rising high above the rest – The Wet Floor Shower (a.k.a Wet Room).

The Wet Floor Shower has truly taken the nation by storm, during which we at MoreBathrooms* have seen a year on year increase in orders for the past 5 years running, but what exactly is a wet floor shower and what makes it so special?

Firstly a wet floor shower is ultimately an entire room dedicated to showering. Everything within the room is sealed & water tight with a sloped floor which is tanked for drainage. In some instance there is no other sanitary wear within the room however if you wish to incorporate other amenities it would be wise to enclose the shower with a glass screen to avoid a soggy toilet seat!

Aside from looking great as a result of the minimalistic nature of its design a wet floor shower will certainly add the “wow” factor to your home. A fundamental feature of a WFS is the different materials such as wood, stone and concrete, which can be incorporated into the design allowing for your imagination to run wild!

Furthermore a wet floor shower also offers a bundle of benefits which is why it is our ultimate showering solution:

1. Ideal for small / compact bathrooms

Due to the nature of the design a wet floor shower works perfectly in a small / compact bathroom. Although in some instances the shower area is no smaller than a bath the visual appeal makes the room appear opened up and free due to the minimalistic design.

2. Accessible – perfect for all age groups

Although not always designed with this in mind, a Wet Floor Shower is the perfect solution for those with restricted mobility, such as the elderly or disabled. As a result of the level access it is easy to get in & out of, the flooring is often covered in non-slip vinyl making it a safe option and furthermore additional aids can also be installed such as grab rails and seating instruments.

3. Easy to keep clean

Another benefit of installing a wet floor shower is the ease at which it can be cleaned. As the environment is wet, typical household bathroom cleaners can be used right around the room to disinfect and clean which can be applied and then rinsed away.

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