Design solutions for compact bathrooms

8 December 2014

A small, compact bathroom doesn’t have to mean a cluttered, claustrophobic bathroom. The ‘design’ of a room is the central element in any renovated space in the modern day home, and even more so in the bathroom.

Whether you are working with a large space or a small space the importance of design is to make the most of a room, and really make it work for you and your needs.

Solution 1

An ideal small bathroom solution would be to convert this room into a shower room for optimum space saving. Enclosures and cubicles are a perfect alternative due to their versatility and wide spread availability, lending themselves to virtually all types of shower rooms. However if you crave a good soak at the end of a long day we would suggest a bath / shower combo ensuring the best of both worlds.

Solution 2

Bathroom furniture and storage is paramount in a small bathroom and we would suggest built in cabinets and base units to really maximise the use of this space. Having an array of toiletries, cleaning product and medicines out on display will only make a small space appear even more cluttered which is why we would suggest hiding these behind closed cupboards.

Solution 3

Clean lines, contemporary and modern decoration, simplistic and minimalistic designs, keeping patterns to a minimum and the use of natural colours including whites, creams, beiges and stone will all help make a small space appear bigger.

Solution 4

Lighting solutions, whether natural or manmade, are a game changer in the overall perception of an interior space and design. Bright lighting helps create an illusion of space making a room appear bigger. Where possible, make the best use of natural light, a simple trick such as adding a window will automatically open a space to the outdoors, no longer limiting the space to a single room.

Solution 5

Accessories and finishing touches like mirrors and clear glass shower screens are also ideal for making the most of a small space. Glass is a natural reflector which will help to bounce plenty of light around a room, lending it an airy and spacious feel.

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