Styles, shapes & sizes – the limitless options for shower enclosures & cubicles

2 December 2014

Due to their versatility and wide spread availability, shower enclosures and cubicles remain a popular showering solution in the modern day home.

Regardless of your chosen style, available space to work with and preferred shape, you can be rest assured that there will be a shower enclosure or cubicle available to meet your demands due to its compatibility to lend itself to virtually all types of shower rooms.


Quadrant Enclosures – the curved enclosure, a quadrant shower has sliding doors making them ideal for small bathrooms / shower rooms or situations where space is limited for an outward opening door. The curved nature of the shower also provides maximum showering space.

Frameless Enclosures - the ultimate in modern shower design, the frameless shower enclosure is most popular in walk-in shower design however has also recently been incorporated into the enclosure / cubicle style of showering. The principle is the same however the difference remains with the ability to open and close doors to the entrance of the enclosure, ruling out the facility to simply ‘walk-in’.

Hinged Enclosures – the timeless classic, the hinged door shower enclosure is the oldest design still available on the market. Available in a whole range of shapes and sizes the hinged door enclosures sits perfectly in a large environment as space is required when getting in or out the shower due to the door opening outward.

Infolding Enclosures – another ideal small room showering solution, the infolding shower enclosure, ensures the best use of a tight space. As the name suggests, the doors fold inwards meaning no extra room has to be accounted for in the design of your shower room for opening them. They are also designed with rubber seals ensuring leak / drip prevention on your bathroom floor.

Size & Shape

Square, rectangle and curved are the shape availabilities for the majority of shower enclosures. With regards to size, how long is a piece of string and what shape would you prefer? Whereas the minimum size for an enclosure or cubicle is around the 700mm sq. mark the largest really is dependent on the room in which you are placing it, your preferred style and shape with some spanning over 1,000mm!

Finally, what shower room would be complete without tiling, whether a shower enclosure or cubicle we would highly recommend tiling the walls within the shower itself to facilitate ease of cleaning, damp & leak prevention and finishing design touches.

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