Traditional Bathrooms – The Timeless Classic

2 December 2014

Nothing says timeless classic quite like a traditional bathroom suite. They are the essence of sophistication and elegance brought together by a number of inspirational designs that have really stood the test of time.

Traditional means established, historic, and trusted which should be reflected in the design of a traditional themed bathroom suite. Popular period styles include Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian.

The early-1700 to mid-1800 Georgian style is our first traditional bathroom influence. Split into three continuum phases the Georgian era progressed with styles becoming lighter and lighter, eventually becoming a regency style. Favourited for its light, spacious airiness the Georgian era made use of pale colour schemes and woodwork displayed on delicate furniture.

This timeless mid-late 1800 Victorian era influenced bathroom suite gives your bathroom design a mass of regal, rich and dark styles. Renowned for its gothic influences the Victorian period feels ‘plump’ and heavy with excessive ornamentation and extensive mix of styles

The early-1900s Edwardian era followed the heaviness, clutter and dark coloured Victorian era and as a result people wanted something new and cheerful. The Edwardian style was a breath of fresh air with light and informal designs often enforced through bamboo and wicker furniture, flowers and floral patterns and pastel colours.

One commonality in all three eras, spanning 2 centauries, is the attention each style demands and the bathroom is no exception. Whether early 1700’s or modern day 21st century the bath, whether free standing, roll top or cast iron, remains the feature piece in any traditional suite. Their big, flamboyant, eye catching and engaging. They ooze wealth and tradition and should be presented with the authority they deserve in the design and positioning of this themed bathroom style.

Accompanied with a conforming toilet & basin set complements any endearing traditional bathroom style. High rise & low rise WCs or a wall hung cistern with a matching traditional vanity basin unit, basin with full pedestal or basin & wash stand would add the iconic touches to cement the classic traditional look and feel.

Aside from its striking looks, traditional styles in a domestic home does have distinct benefits in relation to investment and long term appeal, especially when used in the design of a bathroom. Traditional styles truly are a timeless classic and unlike many other design trends that have been and gone traditional is here to stay and will always have a place in British hearts.

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