A modern bathroom is the heart of any contemporary home

9 January 2015

The bathroom is such a central feature in any home that your chosen style will have a large impact on the atmosphere of the entire property and right at the heart of your bathroom’s style is your bathroom suite.

Baring this in mind, it is important to get the style that suites your home and not just your personal taste, this is of course if you wish to add value to your property through home improvements. The very latest in fresh, new trends and cutting edge designs a modern bathroom has to be at the heart of any contemporary home.

Modern bathroom suites escalate your experience to a more luxurious way of relaxing. Spa like ambiences and up scaled amenities make the most of a minimalistic look and feel with clean lines and clever storage solutions helping to achieve the overall tone.

Whites & creams, blacks & greys and wood are the favoured colour schemes in modern bathroom design. This allows for other elements to stand out through the use of colour or for signature bathroom features to maintain someone’s attention for longer, achieving the impact that was intended.

Statement pieces in the modern bathroom of recent times include double / twin sinks, wet floor showers or featured roll top / free standing baths. They are big and bolshie, with elegance and sincerity homed in through the design and positioning of said pieces.

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