Walk-in Showers: setting the record straight

20 February 2015

Look at this blog as a guide to walk-in showers. With the growing number of showering solutions now available it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decide what solution is best for you and your home and what you want to achieve in relation to bathroom design and personal taste.

First off, let’s set the record straight – what exactly is a walk-in shower?

As the name would suggest you would think to enter a walk-in shower you would simply ‘walk-in’. One thing to note however is that this shower solution isn’t necessarily level access and most certainly isn’t a wet floor or enclosure / cubicle. Commonly a walk-in shower is often built up on a tray and enclosed by a wraparound glass screen which is usually open ended, the tray istypically 40mm high however it is possible to 25mm which is ideal foreasy access.

Depending on what you are wanting to achieve, whether this be solution based or personal taste, the walk-in shower offers an array of advantages and benefits and offers endless options in relation to size, style, fixtures and features.

What are the advantages & benefits?

The walk-in shower has a number of advantages and benefits over other showering solutions including space saving options whereby most designs are fitted into the corner of a room leaving the remainder of the space open and free.

Due to the design, and depending on chosen shape, a walk-in shower also fits in / replaces an existing bath perfectly meaning if you have opted for a bathroom to shower room conversion to facilitate modern day living the transformation is quick and easy saving you time and money.

A walk-in shower also has no moving parts making them easy to clean due to not accumulating any build-up of mould / soap / shampoo etc in those hard to reach areas.

What are the design options?

The design options are pretty much limitless as a result of the high specification of customisation available. Options for styles & shapes including; curved, keyhole or P shape, recessed and right or left access or both.

Final feature options to choose from include enclosures styles to accommodate your chosen shape, various shower heads, shower valve & shower mixer styles, tray & tray depth options and a number of levels of shower tidy’s ensuring your shower experience is never cluttered. In all a walk-in shower if anything is a real statement feature. It’s the perfect option if trying to create a modern / minimalistic look and feel.

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