designing a multi-generation bathroom

27 July 2015

Multi-generation homes are one of today's fasted growing trends in the housing industry. There are various reasons for this but reoccurring themes include grandparents moving in to help with childcare or because they are too frail to live alone.

Although it may make sense financially and consciously, habitually living with more than two generations under the same roof, and to do so successfully, requires a degree of practicality; for instance, what happens if you all have to share a bathroom?

Designing a multi-generation bathroom encompasses and addresses the needs and abilities of people of all ages, combining safety and comfort with style and beauty to create an end product that is attractive, versatile and practical.

but what should, could and would you include?

A collective question we often find ourselves asking our customers and our customers asking us. The secret to a successful multi-generation bathroom is incorporating everyone’s practical and preferential wants, needs and desires – not an easy task but our best practice configuration should provide you with a starter for 10 in terms of what might work you & your family.

bath / easy access bath & shower solution

Two of the most important multi-generation fixtures have to be the incorporation of a bath solution and a shower solution – the best of both worlds.

As well as your standard bath there are also a number of easy access bathing solutions meaning the older generation can too enjoy a relaxing soak. As we get older one of the first signs of struggle is the discomfort of getting in and out of a bath due to the upper body strength require to pull yourself out of the water – an easy access / walk-in bath eliminates this – is bathing high on the priority list in your multi-generation home?

Secondly, and our favourite solution, is the wide spread availability of shower fixtures. They come in a number of styles, designs, sizes and safety scoring measures meaning if this is high on the agenda there will be something for everyone in the family.

high rise toilet & high rise basin / double basin

The secret safe & stylish solution – high rise or raised height toilets make getting on and off the toilet much easier and safer, whereas high rise / raised height basins reduce the need to bend over and easing the amount of strain put on your back.

Both look identical to standard bathroom sanitary ware with the height difference remaining unseen to the naked eye meaning they not only look great but are also a perfect safety feature to incorporate into your multi-generation bathroom.

flooring & accessories

Safe flooring is paramount in a multi-generation bathroom – a recent study undertaken by the British Association of Occupational Therapists concluded that 79% of all bathroom injuries among people 65 years and older is due to slips and falls.

If nothing else we urge multi-generation home owners to either take DIY precautionary measures in the form of slip resistant bath mats or alternatively speak to a specialist with regards to installing slip resistant vinyl / tiles and grab rails. The bathroom is the 2nd most dangerous room in the home, the prevention of incidents far more beneficial than any cure.

clever storage & eco friendly fixtures

With the various number of toiletries – shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body wash & scrubs, bath bombs, bubble bath, shaving foam, the list DOES go on, found in multi-generation bathrooms there is an ever growing need for clever and multiple storage options. Concealed units, fitted units, wall hung units, mirror units are a snap shot of the options available.

Finally eco-friendly bathroom fixtures are essential in a busy household as they save you money on your energy and water bills. A standard toilet flush system uses approximately 7/9litres per flush whereas an eco-flush system uses only 3/6 and can be incorporated into a high rise / raised height unit. Similarly an eco shower head will save you up to 30% on your current shower water usage.

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