Beautiful bath & shower rooms – how to make yours a reality

15 September 2015

Whatever the shape, size and purpose of your suite (main bathroom, secondary shower space or a downstairs WC) beautiful bath & shower rooms are a modern day must have.

We spend a great proportion of our lives rushing around managing hectic schedules that consist of both business and social activities but what about the space in which we get ready for them in?

A common perception of a successful day is that it is a reflection of how it starts meaning your bath / shower room should take into consideration your wants and needs and accentuate them. It should work for you and your situation, allowing you to prepare for the day ahead in a calm, serene and relaxing environment that you love.

Principally bath and shower rooms should be as practical as they are stylish, lending themselves to your needs and style preferences but do so in a functional manner.

Unique design

No two people’s emotional and rational beliefs are the same and therefore no two bath / shower room designs should be the same. That is if you really want to cater for your individual wants and needs of course, an ‘off the shelf’ design will simply not work for you and your home.

Seeking impartial advice from a bathroom design specialist will ensure a design that is as unique as you are. Having carefully listened to your requirements and needs they should be able to offer advice on layout, styles, fixtures, fittings, accessories and finishing touches that are a reflection of your perfect suite.


Layouts can be changed to pretty much anything you desire. Taking building regulations into consideration of course, you can completely swap your bathroom around for it to work for you – bath’s replacing showers, showers replacing baths, swapping the location of a basin with a toilet – the options are pretty much limitless and your designer should work with you and the space available to them.


What is the right bathroom style for you and your home? That is the key question you should be asking yourself and your designer. Traditional, luxury, modern, compact or family? What are your wants and needs? Ask the right question and the answer will present itself / be presented. Talking over your typical interest and hobbies will also allow your designer to paint a picture and what style they could envisage within your home and more importantly a style you will enjoy.

Fixtures & fittings

Having decided on the specific style you want you need to then discuss what products fit within this setting, both availability and consistency, and what products you want. Bathroom or shower room or both? What type of shower? What type of bath? What are your options for basin & toilets? Choosing to renovate your bathroom to make your dream space a reality follows a process and having decided on a style your designer should be able to present you with all your options which of course are open to discussion.

Accessories & finishing touches

Nothing speaks more volume in terms of bathroom uniqueness then the accessories, finishing touches and decoration you choose, that, when combined, will make your new bathroom well and truly yours. Colour schemes, lighting instruments, heating instruments, storage solutions, tile options and flooring preferences – the list goes on. The secret with these elements is to find the middle ground in terms of what will accentuate your finished suite and compliment your statement features – your designer should be able to present complimentary ideas that cement your dream bathroom transformation.

MoreBathrooms, part of the Passmore family, is a Leeds based bathrooms by design specialist. Whether you require a complete bathroom or shower room solution or a wash room renovation MoreBathrooms offer bathroom design incorporating expert knowledge and advice in all themes, ranges and styles as part of their complete supply & installation service.

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