Do bathroom refurbishments & renovations add value to your property?

2 September 2015

As a complete bathroom design, supply and installation company we often get asked whether bathroom refurbishment or renovation works will add value to the property so we thought we’d write a helpful article addressing the matter. We’ll jump straight in….

Do bathroom refurbishments & renovations add value to your property?

In directly, no, renovating or refurbishing your bathroom will not add £000’s spent on to the value of your home. Principally this is a result of 3 things, that as consumers we are all guilty of:


Everyone has a bathroom – it’s nothing niche or unexpected however nice it may look.


Bathroom design is personal to your wants, needs and tastes – you may have spent £0,000’s on re-designing your suite making it the bathroom of your dreams however your dreams may well differ from someone else’s who won’t see the value in the money spent


The bathroom is one of the first room’s people refurb in a new home as a result of point 2 – they want to make their new house their home and as the room people often use as a form or escapism from a hectic schedule it takes priority.


Spending your hard earned money refurbishing this room can have a number of positive outcomes if you are looking to add value as a result of wanting to sell your home.

Firstly a clean looking, modern bathroom will make your home more desirable. Often 1 of 2 statement rooms in the home if it looks appealing it will create desire – whether it is designed to their personal taste or not.

A room that is more desirable to prospective buyers is likely to create more interest. More interest means more value as a result of competitive buying meaning more money in your pocket. The perception of a desirable room is that it can be ‘left’ and ‘lived in’ meaning a new home owner feels a sense of accomplishment with regards to saving them money (short term).

Secondly creating an en-suite bathroom or downstairs WC / cloakroom could potentially add value as a result of it being, again, more desirable.

Creating an extra functional room in the home is always deemed useful and beneficial to the occupier. Also having a secondary wash room / WC is perceived to be reserved for the more ‘upper class’ – a relatively old perception but we feel it still holds some truth among individuals and is now somewhat expected within this group.

To summarise we would suggest to not refurb your properties bathroom to great extents if you intend to sell it / if it’s the sole purpose however would promote minimal renovation works to aid the sale of the house.

For us, spending money redesigning your bathroom should be a personal experience – it’s about what you want and why you want it.

Renovate your bathroom and refurbish it the way you want, coupled with personal needs, styles, designs and tastes. It’s your room for escapism and the added value is just that. Yes it is a monetary purchase however the benefits, feeling, and foreseen value when enjoying the room should always be much greater than the amount you spend.

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