Tell-tale signs that your bathroom is in need of some TLC

24 November 2015

The modern bathroom is a fantastic addition the 21st century home. It keeps us clean, removes waste, and provides us with a relaxing sanctuary; which after a hectic day, allows us the escapism to enjoy the ‘me time’ we all want, need and deserve.

Unsurprisingly, most bathrooms are not without their weaknesses. There is nothing worse than getting settled for a hot warm bath on a cold winters evening to find leaky pipes, aired temperatures and condensed interiors.

Now as much as you will want to try and forget about your bathrooms defeats the truth is if you pay attention your bathroom can often express just what needs to be done, and where, to make it better.

Our top 4 tell-tale signs that indicate your bathroom is in need of a face-lift are as follows

1. If you can't see yourself in the bathroom mirror:

Your bathroom is trying to tell you it needs better ventilation. Poor ventilation in bathrooms can lead to mould growth and the premature aging of building materials, not to mention making it nigh impossible to get ready for an evening on the town – and all women know the best light for application is the bathroom.

Luckily, current building regulations make it mandatory to incorporate standardised ventilation systems into bathroom refurbishments and renovations. From your new system you can expect all air to be exchanged within the room in approximately 5 minutes.

2. If your shower goes cold / slow to heat up:

Your home in general is trying to tell you that your central heating system is being over worked, it’s either loosing pressure, leaking or your water tank is not retaining heat. Few things are a worse start to your day than trying to wash soap from your eyes in ice cold water, not including the price of a new system, however a solid 94.7% of homeowners who've taken the leap are happy they did so.

3. If your body is cold before, during, or after a shower:

Your bathroom is trying to tell you to supplement its heating. Typically we would recommend incorporating a radiator of some sort, whether you marry this with a towel warmer is up to you. Whatever you decide, having a single, small heat source in the bathroom can go a long way in making it a more comfortable environment.

4. If your water bill is through the roof:

Your bathroom is telling you to upgrade your fixtures and stop your leaks. Though there are several factors that come into play when it comes to water consumption, using eco fixtures and fittings can save you large amounts over a period of time.

A perfect example of this would be an Eco Flush Toilet System. Toilets account for approximately 27% of overall water usage in the home – for single appliance usage that’s more than any other appliance including the washing machine, dishwasher and shower. Replacing your old toilet with an eco-flush toilet system is a great place to start when greening your bathroom and reducing bills. A standard flushing system uses approximately 7/9litres per flush whereas an eco-flush system uses only 3/6!

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