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How to overcome the down falls of a busy bathroom in 3 easy steps

24 February 2016

Down falls of a busy bathroom

Now we may be wrong but in our opinion there is nothing worse than having to rush around, especially first thing in the morning. Not only does it create an unbalance it also sets a precedence for the rest of your day - chaotic.

The morning rush effect of a busy bathroom is the primary downfall in our professional opinion, shortly followed by rocketing water bills and enough beauty product clutter to shake a spare tooth brush at (sorry we couldn’t help ourselves but we bet you have one of those on display too..)

But what would you say if we told you, you could overcome all these downfalls in just 3 easy steps?

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Renovation ideas that will transform your small bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

11 February 2016

Small / Compact Bathrooms & Shower Rooms

The truth is everyone wants more space, small, medium or large, the modern day bathroom just never seems to be big enough.

Taking this quite personally we, at more bathrooms, have taken it upon ourselves to combine our best small bathroom, design-led, space enhancing ideas and produce a compact article detailing our ‘must do’ renovation ideas to help you create your very own small sanctuary.

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