How to overcome the down falls of a busy bathroom in 3 easy steps

24 February 2016

Similar to rush hour traffic a busy bathroom can wreak havoc on your daily routine. Sometimes requiring you to get up earlier to ensure your beauty regime or essential hygiene routine has been taken care of and allowing ample time for all other members of the family to do the same before you all dash out the door and on with your day.

Now we may be wrong but in our opinion there is nothing worse than having to rush around, especially first thing in the morning. Not only does it create an unbalance it also sets a precedence for the rest of your day - chaotic.

The morning rush effect of a busy bathroom is the primary downfall in our professional opinion, shortly followed by rocketing water bills and enough beauty product clutter to shake a spare tooth brush at (sorry we couldn’t help ourselves but we bet you have one of those on display too..)

But what would you say if we told you, you could overcome all these downfalls in just 3 easy steps?

We guess you’d want to know what those 3 steps are how they can be incorporated to turn your busy bathroom nightmare into busy bathroom bliss; are we right? Well either way, right or wrong, you’re in luck as that is exactly what we’re going to do - and who says you don’t get anything for free these days?

1) Overcoming the morning rush effect

If this is the primary downfall then it’s only right we tackle it first. But what can you do? Take turns to alternate who bathes in an evening and who gets the ‘luxury’ of bathing in a morning? Not quite… but we do suggest incorporating a shower fixtures into your bathroom, either a separate unit or an over bath mixer.

Showers are quick and easy meaning everyone within the home will have the opportunity to wash thoroughly before work – success! Secondly have you considered a dual basin? His & hers? Sharing is caring? Now it may not be the most attractive past time you and your partner share but it does mean you can brush, wash, and beautify at the same time cutting down this regime by at least half.

An extreme but ‘extremely’ worthy solution would be to invest in a separate WC or downstairs WC / cloakroom if your property is without. We know what you’re thinking “what do you think I am? Made of money?”, and your quite right, it would be an expensive home improvement but it does come with a number of pros:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Never again having to stand cross-legged on the landing waiting for the bathroom – ever!
  • Keeping all visitors & guests downstairs – meaning your upstairs is yours and yours only.
  • Not having to creep around, risking waking the kids after you’ve finally got them to bed.
  • Somewhere to store your coats & shoes – hey a pros a pro!

2) De-clutter – use it or lose it

A busy, well used bathroom that serves multiple occupants is commonly rife with copious amounts of beauty and hygiene products. Half used bottles of shampoo, more soaps and moisturizes than a supermarket shelf, sensory enhancing bubble bath to heighten every possible outcome from relax, sleep easy, calm through to rejuvenate, awaken and zest, we could go on but we won’t.

In this scenario there’s only one plausible thing for it – use it or lose it. Get rid, bin it (we mean recycle). If it’s not an essential favorite you don’t need it and chances are you won’t ever use it. We’re loyal people, we like what we and we don’t often stray far from familiarity. Once de-cluttered invest in a storage fixture, preferably one with multiple draws and even better one with enough draws to coincide with the number of occupants. The trick here is to keep it to the bare essentials, products you use, and put them away after you’ve used them. Such a simple trick but you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference a de-cluttered bathrooms makes to the atmosphere, space and routine.

3) Reducing your bills, bills, bills

Finally, and a personal favorite for those with teenagers, how to make the running and maintenance of your busy bathroom cheaper. Well it’s actually quite easy and it doesn’t cost a lot to implement either – win, win or should we say save, save?

Eco friendly fixtures – a busy bathroom essential as they save you money on your energy and water bills. Don’t believe us? Well a standard WC flush system uses approximately 7/9litres per flush whereas an eco-flush system uses only 3/6 – that’s a saving of half! Similarly an Eco shower head will save you up to 30% on your current shower water usage… 30% off your water bill? YES PLEASE!

Finally LED Lighting – a busy bathrooms must have. Not only are they tremendously atmospheric they also provide better lighting in general. LED’s are much brighter and reach a larger area with fewer fixtures as a result of their power output being increasingly stronger than your standard halogen / traditional bulb. But surely more power means more volts? Wong! LED’s require a much lower voltage, saving you money on your energy bills.

And just in case you need any more reasons to switch a good quality LED has a much larger life span (70,000 hours +), is much safer as a result of not conducting heat, whilst at the same time providing a consistent quality output. Marvelous.

Unfortunately we’ve reached the end of this week’s helpful bathroom article and we hope you’re now feeling more bathroom bliss than bathroom nightmare. However if this article has left you feeling ‘hungry for more’ in terms of additional bathroom help and advice then why not download our FREE guide..

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