Renovation ideas that will transform your small bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

11 February 2016

If we had a £1 for every time a customer walked into our showroom claiming they had a small bathroom we’d be millionaires. And like we tell every one of them we’ll tell you… most bathrooms that are perceived to be ‘small’ are more often than not ‘average’ in size.

The truth is everyone wants more space, small, medium or large, the modern day bathroom just never seems to be big enough.

Taking this quite personally we, at more bathrooms, have taken it upon ourselves to combine our best small bathroom, design-led, space enhancing ideas and produce a compact article detailing our ‘must do’ renovation ideas to help you create your very own small sanctuary.

Firstly, what are we working with? Square space or rectangle? Silly questions maybe but allow us to elaborate…

Square Space:

One colour – floor, wall and ceiling needs to be one colour, or at a minimum a similar end to the shade group in which it belongs. Why? Well it’s essential in a small square space that you are trying to appear bigger that you don’t break up the colour by changing it from one extreme to the other. Similar to the concept of an infinity pool, ever wondered why the drop off edge looks over the sea? It’s to give the illusion it never ends, your pool is infinite and your small bathroom can be too!

Rectangle Space:

If you’re working with a small rectangle shape you need to add depth by working with what you’ve got. Ideally you want to make one end wall a feature wall whilst at the same time keeping everything else consistent (as above). This will elongate the room, providing the illusion that the room is longer than it actually is.

Seeing a theme yet? It’s all design trickery of the mind!


Is there any natural light? If not can you create some? If creating a window opening isn’t a possibility be sure to ask your designer for some bright lighting ideas. Our personal favourite is LED, very powerful but eco-friendly and long lasting. Couple great lighting with mirrored accessories and chrome finishing’s will bounce light around the room making it feel bigger and more open.

Sanitary Ware Selection:

In a small space we will always suggest converting a bathroom to a shower room (a wet floor shower room for that matter – below is an example detailing an enclosure which also works) for no other reason than they are less bulky, even though so take up the same amount of ‘workable’ space as a bath. Wet floor showers are open ended creating more floor space and less bustle immediately making your bathroom, or soon to shower room, feel bigger.

Corner basins and WC units are also a fantastic small bathroom, or shower room, addition. As the name would suggest these handy sanitary ware fixtures make the best use of corners, freeing up some central space, allowing you to manoeuvre freely in your small and compact delight!

Are you looking to add a small yet perfectly formed bath or shower room in your own home? Why not download our FREE guide, packed full ofhandy tips, advice and all things to consider when adding or renovating a small / compact bath or shower room.

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