Bathing Abroad - top tips for a rejuvenated, sun kissed, well-nourished and overly hydrated look and feel this summer.

12 July 2016

It’s ever nearing that time of year, SUMMER!

Well allegedly, its mid-July and currently chucking it down in Leeds. Never the less lets be thankful for the genius, if not so slightly daunting, innovation that is the modern day aerospace industry. An industry that without, we would spend a grand total of 51 ½ weeks a year in the doom and gloom of ‘Great British Weather’ i.e. RAIN!

Thankfully it’s never been so easy for us to escape for two fun fuelled weeks a year to warmer and more tropical climates – school is ever so nearly out for summer.

You’ve packed your bags, everything bare the kitchen sink (or should we say wash basin?), you’ve checked in online, you’ve attempted to weigh your case on the bathroom scales – it was over of course, and you’ve packed enough items of clothing to comfortable emigrate for at least 6 months!

But it’s your toiletries that’s the concern. Your daily routine cramped into a plastic casing that will be flung around in the depths of a flying tin can.

Bathing abroad is a troublesome task. It’s hot, it’s humid, and you’ve never been so warm in your life. To top it off your one bead of sweat away from starting to lose weight from perspiration, this of course has its pro’s and con’s…

The truth, everything about a holiday is magical, remember for most it’s what we work so tirelessly for. Being abroad wins 10 fold over almost everything you can compare it to, aside from one area in particular – bathing.

Let us paint a picture for you…

Its 35 degrees+. (Bliss).

You’ve been in the sun all day, whether by the pool relaxing or a busy day exploring, your clammy and somewhat greasy from the heat and constant reapplication of sun cream & oil. Never have you wanted a cold shower and home hygiene comforts so badly, for some reason showering or bathing is never quite as refreshingly satisfying abroad.

Sound familiar? Well, luckily for you, dear readers, we have been scouring the internet, accumulating a list of our top bathing abroad products just in time for your jolly holidays.

The aim of this list is to cover every nook and cranny (pardon the expression) that needs to be cleaned and primed while abroad. Taking ‘on board’ and exercising our suggestions we promise you’ll be left feeling as rejuvenated, well-nourished and overly hydrated as a full spa day at the Dorchester Hotel. Ambitious maybe but bear with us.

Holiday Hair

Holiday hair, every female’s worst nightmare. Think about it, not only is the humidity causing you to look like an extra from the Lion King but you’re also having to wash, dry and ‘mane’ tain your Tina Turner styled afro every single day. Not. Fun.

Daily preparation is the key and you have a very good natural vitamin source (the sun) that you could cleverly use to your advantage leaving you locks feeling lusciously luxurious night after night. Because we know it’s highly likely you’ll wash your hair pretty much every day while abroad we recommend applying a healthy proportion of conditioner to your locks before venturing to the pool for the day. Conditioner not only moisturises your hair it also protects it from excessive sun exposure, which is why your hair can often feel overly dry while on holiday however with this handy little tip your hair will feel soft and silky regardless of the heat.

Washing your hair daily while abroad is an unfortunate holiday necessity. Due to the heat heads with excessive hair can become increasingly warm and often become greasy quicker than normal. If you are washing your hair daily we would recommend a light shampoo full of natural ingredients, this will allow you to exfoliate your scalp and clean your head of hair without leaving any chemical residue which is often used to protect floccules – luckily for you we’ve already got this covered.

Drying your hair? This is the easiest one yet – don’t! We highly, highly HIGHLY recommend you let your hair dry naturally while abroad. You really don’t need any extra heating appliance anywhere near one’s self. All that said we fully understand you want to look your best while abroad so if you’re going to ignore our advice then please, for the love of god, make sure you pack a hairdryer that has a cool function and use this setting ONLY.

Straightening. Or as we like to call it, taming the mane. Similar to the above – it is not recommended however if you insist on straightening your hair abroad please make sure you use a heat protection. Our personal favourite is John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat protecting spray. Not only does this nifty little toiletry works with heat tools to condition and straighten strands but it also helps block humidity and rehydrate hair for safer styling.

The damage has been done – you went against our word and dried & straightened you hair. There’s no helping some people is there? On a serious note though if you are adamant you can’t go without your trusty GHD’s we recommend some thorough after care. A summer holiday essential we highly recommend is a clever frizz control product from Moroccan Oil.

Specifically formulated, Moroccan Oil is infused with argan oil and vitamin E to nourish and condition all hair types, whether healthy, dry curly or straight. Furthermore its weather resistant properties and climate control factors weightlessly smooth hair in all environments.

Fabulous Face

Looking after your face while abroad is probably the most important feature you need to protect and nourish. The face is the second thinnest surface area of skin on the body and is therefore prone to burning. We recommend using a higher factor of sun protection on this area, if not a specific product entirely. Your T-zone should be your biggest area of concentration in which we urge you to religiously apply and reapply your protective product of choice. It’s also wise to wear a hat or remain in the shade at peak times during the day when the sun is at its highest.

Looking after your luscious lips while abroad is paramount as they can easily burn to! We recommend using a lip balm with protective SP factors at all times. Dry lips can also be the first indication for dehydration so make sure you drink lots (and by that we mean water*) to ensure you rehydrate yourself and your skin.

Eyes can become sore and irritable while abroad, typical for 1 of 3 reasonss

1. Over exposure to UV

2. Sun cream

3. Chlorine

Typical indications that you are suffering because of one of the above is that the eye’s sting and can look puffy first thing of a morning. Unfortunately aside from wearing sun glasses and swimming goggles there’s not much you can do to prevent this outcome however you can easily ease symptoms. Take 5 minutes to relax of an evening after a shower (while you let your hair dry naturally!) and apply cool cucumber to the eyelids. This will help ease any stinging and hydrate the surrounding skin – the old ones really are the best!

Beautiful Body

Your body should feel magically moisturised if you’ve been religious in your application of sun cream and tanning oil (we hate to be a bore but it is so important to protect yourself from excessive sun exposure so please be conscious of such).

The trouble is constant application of such water resistant products can later be troublesome when getting washed, showered or bathed on an evening – you may find yourself washing with shower gels 2-3 times before feeling confident in your removal of protective residue and/or grease.

To make your life a breeze we strongly recommend using exfoliating mittens and a rich moisturising body wash (imperial leather foam burst is another personal favourite). Combing the two will ensure a swift removal, leaving your skin feel super soft and silky.

Mittens are used to remove any extra dead skin so it’s important to moisturise daily, even more so while abroad as moisturiser helps hydrate / rehydrate the skin – an additional top tip is to keep your moisturising cream in the fridge for a super cooling effect.

In all the excitement, buzz and care free attitude it’s important to pack with efficiency. Make your holiday adventure a home away from home and look after yourself, look after your skin, look after your bathing routine.

We promise that through integrating a series of our above top tips for bathing abroad you’ll return from your jolly’s feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. You’ll look replenished with a sun kissed glow, ready to take on the next 12 months until your next secret escape.

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