5 things you need to stop taking & storing in your bathroom; immediately.

31 October 2016

We all know not to take or store electric gadgets into the bathroom due to the nature in which the room is used. Water is ever present and since the grand old age of about 4 it’s drilled into every single one of us that water and electricity DO NOT mix.

So what if we told you that not one single electrical item is mentioned in our list of 5 things you need to stop taking and storing in your bathroom?

You’d be intrigued (or we’d like to think you would) and rightly so!

This list, as we found while accumulating it, is surprisingly interesting and we urge every single one of our readers to digest and take on board each of the items mentioned for better bathroom practice.

Now before we run down our list of 5 things not to take and store in your bathroom it’s important to highlight that each of the items mentioned shouldn’t be in there due to one common denominating fact. The bathroom, although probably one of the most rigorously cleaned rooms in the home, is a rather volatile and inconsistent space due to the variating temperatures. In turn this then wreaks havoc on the surrounding environment and items within it.


It’s a bad idea to store perfume in the bathroom, especially if you’re wanting to preserve that expensive bottle of Chanel that you took half an hour deliberating over with the beauty cashier at Boots. Variants in temperature can cause the fragrance to change as a result of accelerating the oxidation process often lessening its smell and effect.

Medicine & Birth Control

Contrary to popular belief, medicine cabinets should never be found in the bathroom. The humidity, dampness and heat can have a negative effect on the potency of medication and accelerate the life expectancy and expire date – this also goes for oral birth control contraceptives. Our theory? Better safe than sorry, store medication in a cool, dry, temperature consistent space – the kitchen or bedroom perhaps.

Towels & Bathrobes

This came as the biggest surprise when compiling our list of 5 things not to take and store in the bathroom. Initially we thought ‘the worlds officially gone mad’ - don’t store towels or ‘BATH’robes in the bathroom? What kind of top tip better bathroom practice is that?

The truth is, the more we thought about it the more sense it made… we use bathrobes, and towels more specifically, to dry ourselves after a long soak or a quick freshen up in the shower. So therefore by storing these items in a humid, damp, steamy room will do exactly that – consume the moisture that is in the air and if left for a period of time (the bottom towel on the rack for example) can start to smell.

Extra Razor Blades

The dampness created in the bathroom as a result of steam from the hot bath or shower will cause the blades to oxide and rust meaning unused and often (very) expensive blades can become blunt prior to ever being used. It is therefore of most importance to protect and preserve by storing in an air tight container in a dryer and less variating part of the home.

Make Up

Similar to all of the above make-up and make-up residue left on brushes after use cannot tolerate the moisture or fluctuating temperatures that are every evident in the bathroom environment. Both affect the quality in the formula which can degrade the lifespan of goods, similar to how lipstick reacts abroad (best to keep it in the fridge in my personal experience!).

It is important to not only store make-up in a consistent environment, bedroom dresser would be ideal, but to also wash, clean and replace brushes on a regular basis – wash every month and replace every 6 months.

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