Bathroom Refurbishments; Reality TV V’s Real Thing - Timings, Planning & Works On-going

28 June 2017

Reality TV program’s in recent years have increased in popularity at a rapid rate.

Whether competition / talent shows, lifestyle, travel, social experiment, documentary or home improvement we have been bombarded with viewing material that we are led to believe is a ‘true reflection’ and this possess problems.

Take our industry for example; home improvements, in particular bathroom renovations.

Reality TV leads us to believe renovations can be completed within an hour, with little or no prior planning and encourage multiple trade’s working in sequence to get the job done.

Worst still they promote DIY, which is fine however when it comes to a skilled profession that requires knowledge, experience and technical knowhow is a DIY approach practical or at all safe? Think about it, would you ask your GP to carry out heart surgery? Extreme perhaps but the same principles apply.

Reality TV is a myth. Entertaining, yes, but it in many instances it couldn’t be further from the true or ‘reality’ if it tried and here’s why:


We often find people can’t quite believe how long a bathroom refurbishment will actually take.

Naturally depending on the work involved everyone whose anyone appreciates a full refurbishment can’t be completed within under an hour (as TV so incorrectly portrays) however what they can’t quite grasp is that it can actually take anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks.

Take a straight fixture swap with new accessories but no work to the floor or wall coverings for example – these typically take 2-3 days (that’s anything between 16-24 hours working a standard 8 hour day).

And if you thing that’s impressive a straight swap with new floor & wall coverings is anticipated to take around 1.5 weeks or 44 hours and a complete redesign including a layout change can take up to 3 weeks – that’s 120 hours!!!

What reality TV fails to tell you is that having 10 trades men cramped into one room is unrealistic; if not also slightly dangerous. Also have you ever noticed how so many of these home improvement programs don’t actually carry out ‘significant’ changes? Yes they’ll give your bathroom a lick of paint, straight swamp the bath, basin and toilet and maybe throw in some colour co-ordinated towels to boot but they won’t start stripping walls and replacing ceilings. This is the true meaning of a refurbishment and this is what takes time.


Despite the chaos Reality TV programs like to endorse (drama does make good TV in their defense) would you really want that kind of unorganised whirlwind working within your own home? We suspect probably not.

As mentioned earlier having multiple trades in one room carrying out their specific area of expertise is in fact a recipe for disaster, if not actually impossible.

The truth is, when it comes to refurbishing your bathroom everything has to be done in sequence. Did you know a standard renovation can involve up to at least 7 different trades? And let’s be fair, you can’t have a tiler laying the new floor while the electrician fits your new spot lights and this is why planning is key to a smooth, efficient and hassle free transformation.

Not only while works are on-going but planning plays a vital role prior to an installer stepping foot through your front door. As soon as an order has been received or a quotation approved, products are being ordered (as they all have different lead times for delivery) and an installer is being prepped another job file for the schedule of your job start – doing so ensures everything runs on time with little or no unexpected issues.

Works On-going

We can’t really sugar coat this one so we’ll just admit it; the biggest negative for any form of refurbishment work is the level of disruption and amount of upheaval. It’s, unfortunately, a necessary evil.

When we consider this Reality TV ‘hiccup’ it’s no wonder a 60 minute transformation is preferable. An hour out of your day and a brand new bathroom as a result? Not a bad sacrifice but a highly unlikely one it has to be said.

A proper company however will know the forecasted timings to completion from the off (thanks to the careful planning and preparation) so you’ll know exactly what’s going on and how long it will take – there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

They will keep you in the loop, every step of the way, and will never leave you without working fixtures and fittings. Tidying up at the end of each day, disposing of all rubbish and ensuring carpets are covered prior to start should help reduced muck to an at least bearable level.

A proper company will ensure disorder is kept to a minimum, helping you to continue living and working in an around the improvement works without any real detriment to yourself and your busy lifestyle.


Finally Reality TV LOVES a DIY’er – we urge you to put the remote down, step away from the freeview box and just consider the prospect of carrying out this amount of skilled work on your own accord.

You may have watched an episode, you may have watched an entire season, but by no means does that make you an expert.

Plumbing, tiling, joinery, plastering, electrical (we could go on but we won’t) is an incredibly difficult skill set to master. The knowledge and technical knowhow required is extensive so before you even consider picking up a spanner we urge you to contemplate exactly what you’re proposing to do.

Desirable with regards to saving you money up front what you have to consider is what will it cost you to fix when it all goes wrong? Is it worth it or would you prefer a 100% guaranteed hassle free renovation whereby you can sit back, relax and have the added bonus of complete peace of mind?

MoreBathrooms, part of the Passmore group, is a Leeds based bathroom-by-design specialist. Whether you require a complete bathroom solution or a bathroom renovation MoreBathrooms offer bathroom design incorporating expert knowledge and advice in all themes, ranges and styles as part of their complete supply & installation service.

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