summer survival - asking “where’s the bathroom?” in the top 15 most visited countries by us brits.

1 June 2017

We brits love nothing more than a summer holiday, and let’s face it, can you blame us? It’s not like our own summer season is anything to particularly rave about; an odd day or week of warmth here and there does not constitute as trunk and bikini weather in our opinion (now there’s a thought…)

Furthermore holidays are a time for relaxing and recharging the batteries. It’s typically 2 weeks out of the year that allows us to up and forget about the daily grind, residing to warmer climates and enjoying some much needed down time with friends and family.

For the majority it’s what we spend the year striving to achieve and fear not, as mid 2017 approaches we’re ever nearing that time for escapism; just hang on in there for a couple more weeks.

Given the ample timing, and discussions in the office of who’s of where, we thought we’d join the summer bandwagon and create some seasonal content around finding the bathroom in the top 15 most visited holiday destinations by us Brits.

According to the office of national statistics we made 61.5 million leisurely visits abroad last year alone. Whether family trips, couple vacations, honeymoons, short breaks or wanderlust travel we have taken this data and short listed the top 15 destinations with an aim of helping you find the bathroom this summer.

Ordered by the total number of visits these locations, and the relevant translations for when asking “where’s the bathroom?” are below.

  1. Spain – 10.8 million visits – “Donde esta el bano?”
  2. France – 5.9 million visits – “Ou est la salle de bain?”
  3. USA – 2 million visits – “Where’s the restroom?”
  4. Italy – 2 million visits – “Dov’e il bagno?”
  5. Portugal – 1.8 million visits – onde e o banheiro?”
  6. Greece – 1.7 million visits – “Pou einai to banio?”
  7. Netherlands – 1.1 million visits – “Waar is de badkamer?”
  8. Turkey – 1 million visits – “Banyo nerede?”
  9. Belgium – 1 million visits – “Waar is de badkamer?”
  10. Germany – 800,000 visits – “Wo ist das Badezimmer?
  11. Cyprus – 500,000 visits - “Pou einai to banio?” or “Banyo nerede?”
  12. Tunisia – 400,000 visits – “ayn alhamam”
  13. Dubai / UAE – 400,000 visits – “ayn alhamam”
  14. Mexico – 400,000 visits – “Donde esta el bano?”
  15. Thailand – 300,000 visits – “H̄̂xngn̂ả xyū̀ thī̀h̄ịn?”

We said we’d provide you with the translations it’s up to now learn the lingo and most importantly, enjoy your jollies (when you get there)!

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