Bathroom storage & fitted furniture – not enough space or too much clutter?

13 November 2017

A bathroom renovation company, specialising in full service refurbishments for over 50 years, we’ve seen a fair amount of bathrooms in our time. Currently averaging between 20 and 30 a week, believe us when we tell you your bathroom isn’t small.

Chances are it’s actually of average size however common perceptions are that your family home houses a small bathroom and therefore the need for bathroom storage or fitted furniture is a ‘must have’ when the time comes to redesign your relaxing sanctuary.

On average we speculate that 80% of our bathroom enquiries want to incorporate some form of storage solution into their renovation works, which is fine, however we always ask them to strongly consider whether the issue is not having enough space or having too much, unnecessary, clutter – in the politest way possible of course.

The reason for this is that too much bathroom storage or fitted furniture will only make a ‘small’ room feel smaller. It’s a catch 22 as the need to incorporate such is to hide products that make a room feel busy and look cluttered however you may only be replacing one problem with another which isn’t an ideal solution.

We are firm believers in the theory that suggest if you incorporate too much storage you will always find something to fill it with so rather than going unnecessarily over the top be conscious, careful and considered in your selection.

Stage one - make a cut throat decision on what you need to store in the bathroom rather than what you want to store. Once you’ve narrowed down your cosmetics and beautifying products only then can you really explore your options for bathroom storage – stage two.

Back to wall fitted furniture, is designed to conceal the cistern and any pipe work, WC & basin, in a semi-recessed setting in order to create a clean design which is relatively maintenance free.

This hotel inspired look is traditional in appearance and is typically displayed as a run of fitted furniture along the full length of a wall. Bathroom storage can be added to the design in the form of base units and head height units.

Modular furniture, a more economical alternative that tends to be wall hung, giving a floating effect, whereby a singular vanity basin unit will be fitted alongside a separate, but matching, storage cupboard.

Available in a wide selection of colours, shapes and sizes, the idea of the wall hung design is to open up the visible floor space giving the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is – perfect for small bathrooms, shower rooms ad en-suites.

Bespoke concepts, an alternative option to either of the above traditional solutions, bespoke concepts are a luxury design must have.

Whether you opt for niches, boxed shelving or a recessed designs bespoke concepts are typically purpose built, modern in appearance, minimalistic and offer an eye catching storage solution.

As the requirements for bathroom storage and fitted furniture increases in popularity we have consciously explored all avenues in order to offer you a 360 solution. Having recently refurbished our own showroom, a variation of each of the above concepts can now be discovered in a number of our own displays.

However with many styles, textures and colour choices available the trick is to start at home before exploring your options in more detail.

De-clutter and make a conscious effort of minimalizing the products you choose to store, doing so will allow you to focus on finding a more specific solution and help your designer help you narrow down your choices. Together you’ll be able to find the best fit storage solution for your needs and your bathrooms requirements while potentially creating the illusion of space rather than simply using it.

More Bathrooms, part of the Passmore Group, is a Leeds & Harrogate based bathroom-by-design specialist. Whether you require a complete bathroom solution or a bathroom renovation More Bathrooms offer bathroom design incorporating expert knowledge and advice in all themes, ranges and styles as part of their complete supply & installation service.

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