Bathroom Renovations – Making a new property feel like Home.

8 January 2018

Over the past 6 months we have been looking into the core reasons why people consider and contemplate bathroom renovation and refurbishment works in order to better equip ourselves to meet the wants and needs of our customers when they enquiry about our services.

Interestingly, it has come to our attention that, in total there seems to be 4 main reasons for work, made up of the following:

1) The bathroom is old / tired and they are wanting to modernise.

2) The bathroom is small in size or of an odd shape so they are wanting to maximise its usability with a re-design and / or re-think.

3) They are looking to invest in their home.

4) They have recently moved and are looking to make a new property feel like home.

Reasons 1-3 came as no real surprise to us however, it did take us a while to get our head around why the first room (in most instances – the kitchen is a popular project too it would appear) people tend to renovate when moving into a new property is the bathroom; unless it’s a new build of course.

Whether straight away, within the first couple of weeks, or 6-12-18 months after the upheaval the bathroom is always typically the first large project in a new property.


Sometimes the new property, bathroom renovation works, are a result of the above reasons – old / tired or small / odd shape however it is also highly plausible that the existing suite needs re-designing because it is not to the new occupants preferred taste and style.

In an attempt to make a new property feel like home, and put their own stamp on it, it has come to our attention that the modern day bathroom is one of, if not the, focal renovation area in a new property.

Depending on your personal requirements, and the ‘state’ of the existing suite, making your new property feel like home through a bathroom renovation can be done in a number of ways:

Titivation - £3K-£6K.

Titivating the existing suite is what we class as a refurbishment that requires no amount of substantial work. Typically speaking this could form part of replacing the fixtures and fittings, perhaps new flooring and given the room a lick of paint in order to give it a new breathe of life.

A cheaper alternative to full rip out and refit, titivating an existing design is only really possible when the suite already in situ is of good working order with no nasty surprises underneath the surfaces in terms of the pipework, drainage system and flooring.

A perfect DIY job or a small project for ‘a man in a van’ a bathroom titivation from a full service design & install company, like More Bathrooms, could cost anything between £3-£6K, whereas we envisage it could be achieved for less if sourced by a company of a smaller operation.

Complete Refurbishment - £6K-£8K.

A complete bathroom refurbishment is what we would class as full rip out and refit of the existing suite to include new fixtures, fittings, tiling, lighting and electrics. What this does not include however is a layout change / fixture relocation as a complete refurbishment is more of a ‘straight swap’ of old for new.

The main focal of what we do, and a popular project favourite among our customers, a complete bathroom refurbishment from a full service design, supply & installation company is likely to cost between £6-£8K.

Managing the whole process from concept to completion the addition in cost is a result of one company taking control of the whole project, ensuring complete peace of mind, before, during and after project completion.

Significant Renovation - £8K-£12K.

Significant renovation works are inclusive of the elements mentioned within the complete refurbishment section however can also include a layout change.

Encompassing relocating the bath, shower, basic, WC and bidet, significant bathroom renovations can also include minor building work i.e. knocking down internal walls, expanding the sqft of the space, and converting two separate rooms into one – a popular option where there is a separate water closet adjoining to the main bathroom.

More recently we have also seen a rise in the demand for en-suite creation (another significant renovation project), especially among recent movers, in an attempt to add a little bit of bathroom luxury within the private quarters of their new home, while ensuring added value.

A growing area of what our services cover due to the technicality and industry ‘know how’ a significant renovation project from a full service design & installation company like More Bathrooms, is likely to cost anything between £8-£12K+ depending on the amount of work involved.

Project managing the transformation, creation or renovation from start to finish choosing a full service operation to carry out the works is designed to make the customer experience as hassle-free, relaxed and enjoyable as possible by offering a convenient, time efficient service, regardless of the amount if disruption and upheaval.

More Bathrooms, part of the Passmore Group, is a Leeds & Harrogate based bathroom-by-design specialist. Whether you require a complete bathroom solution or a bathroom renovation More Bathrooms offer bathroom design incorporating expert knowledge and advice in all themes, ranges and styles as part of their complete supply & installation service.

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