Moroccan Inspired Designs – a hot bathroom trend.

8 February 2018

Moroccan inspired bathrooms continue to be a hot design trend in 2018, and rightly so; they look fantastic! However with such a bold interior style, thanks to the colourful ornate patterns, it can be all too easy to get the aesthetics of this design completely wrong.

Luxurious and warm, Moroccan detailing typically offers a bright and bolshie alternative to the modern and minimalistic settings found in most newly renovated bathrooms, which is why this styling is often likened to marmite – you either love it or hate it.

The trouble is, with a keen eye for design, it’s quite plausible a more subtle and modern Moroccan detailing could be achieved, offering a best of both type scenario.

Often displayed as an ornate pattern or a detailed mosaic your options for colour scheme and level / area of use is what will actually determine how much of a statement you make in your bathroom and ultimately how Moroccan you want to go. Let’s break this down…

Bright and Bolshie

Ornate patterns

Traditional Moroccan, bright and bolshie ornate patterns are typically broken down into deep and warm colour groups consisting of reds, oranges and yellows or cool and refreshing combinations of blues, greens and purples.


Similarly to the above the same colour consistency’s can be displayed in a detailed mosaic if this is preferred over an ornate pattern. Offering the same amount of Moroccan inspiration in a slightly less dramatic display, mosaics are the perfect addition to any bathroom renovation, Moroccan inspired or otherwise.

Due to the boldness of these two colour groups we recommend displaying either of the above to accentuate a statement feature, a splash back for example, or used within a focussed area like niches; less is definitely more. That said however we have completely tiled bathroom floors using the ornate pattern as well; it really just depends how Moroccan you want to go.

Another strong consideration you should bear in mind when choosing a traditional Moroccan design is the size of the space. Such a bright and significant detailed pattern can make a small bathroom feel even more claustraphic so we highly advise getting a professionals opinion; especially if you’re considering excessive use.

In terms of finishing touches we recommend opting for brass accessories when using the warm colour groups and chrome brassware for the cool. Keeping everything else basic in terms of fixtures, fittings and sanitary ware, your tile choices are the statement feature here, and truth be told it’s the only area any will focus on so keep that in mind when picking your furnishings.

Pastels and Neutrals

Ornate patterns

A more modern and easily usable take on the Moroccan design comes in the form of less evasive pastel and neutral colour groups combined with the same ornate patterns. Whether you want a more neutral brown, beige and cream colour scheme or still desire a splash of pastel colour this variation is perfect for wide spread use, like completely tiling the bathroom floor for example.


When it comes to pastel and neutral mosaics it’s more of the same. Although we don’t recommend completely tiling your bathroom floor (strictly speaking that’s not what mosaics were designed for) it’s totally acceptable to use these tiles on a wider surface area.

Perfect for large niches, creating a signature strip in your wall tile display and even using as the floor covering in your shower area, accentuating a bath stand or using as a detailed vanity basin top and or window sill, pastel and neutral mosaics are the perfect versatile choice when looking to create a more modern Moroccan design.

Whether ornate or mosaic we recommend coupling pastel and neutral colour groups with chrome fixtures and fittings as this the principle of modern sophistication. Similarly focused bathroom lighting, whether recessed, floor or within bespoke niches, could play a large part in highlighting focused areas.

As well as considering all of the above we encourage a more selected fixture and sanitary ware consultation period. Due to the less dramatic tile display it’s perfectly acceptable to go all out and create a bathroom or shower room setting that really offers that wow factor by combining a number of the above points – for help doing so you can book a free design and quote appointment with one of our experienced surveyors here.

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