Bathing a Toddler - 8 top tips for transforming tantrum toddlers into splish splash smilers at bath time.

9 March 2018

Bathing children can be a troublesome, stress fueled task (on both parts) at the best of times. It is one of the most common parenting problems with many young children not liking bathing for a number of different reasons including:

1) Fear of water / not liking water on their head or face (sometimes a result of being overly receptive to sensory experiences due to skin thinness & sensitivity.

2) It is seen as an unnecessary task that interrupts ‘play time’ or whatever fun they were having prior.

3) It is not part of their routine. Granted you may bathe your child everyday however is it at the same time and pre or post the same scenario? Is it predictable?

The secret with bathing a young one is to make it fun, make it entertaining, make it enjoyable, and make it routine. In this day and age there are many a different products, waterproofed toys and handy home DIY initiatives you can introduce into bath time to turn your tantrum toddler into a splish and splash smiler.

Sound too good to be true?

Continue below and discover our top 8 activities you can introduce into your children’s bath time to make it fun!

Waterproof Doll

Allowing your child to bathe with a companion can calm there mood. Often referred to as a ‘comfort object’ a waterproof doll at bath time works as a transitional object that provides psychological comfort, especially in unnerving situations, like bath and bedtime.

Host Races

Hosting a race using windup toys, ducks or boats can be a fantastic, and fun, distraction, particularly if bath time is usually a daunting experience. Giving your children something else to concentrate on can be the perfect entertaining twist to a boring ritual.

Wind the toys up and place them at one end of the bath. Keep hold and count backwards 3-1, on go release the toy and the first one to the other end wins. If you want to make this even more fun allow your child to make small waves, moving the toys quickly to the finish line.

Wash with Animals

No child, however old, will be enthusiastic about being washed with a plain, boring, cloth. Instead use animal cloths or puppet gloves to turn a dull bath time into a walk in the jungle. For added entertainment, and to encourage your child’s imagination to run wild, you could also host your own animal show, using fun voices for extra effect.

Blow Bubbles

Kids love bubbles, and what better time than bath time is there to bring them out for added fun? Whether using child friendly bubble bath, purpose bought party bubbles or DIY by adding some soap liquid into a small dish and letting them loose with a straw to really get things going. Either way blowing bubbles doubles as an excellent way to calm your child down during a bath time tantrum.

Add Colour

Adding a splash of colour will instantly turn a dull routine into a rainbow infused activity. Achieved in a number of different ways you could either:

a) Add a splash of skin sensitive dye (food colouring works a treat) when filling up the tub.

b) Use a bath bomb for extra zest (if you want to know how to create your own and be 100% sure what’s in it, especially if your child has allergies, click here).

c) Make a variety of colour iced cubes, adding a splash of the dye mentioned in point a) to your ice tray before freezing, and allowing your child to choose what colour to turn there bath can get them excited prior to getting in.

Create a Wall Waterfall

This has to be one of our favourite fun distractions that flares your creative side, as much as your child’s, and best of all they are guaranteed to love it.

A total DIY activity creating your own wall waterfall involves some clear plastic tubing, curved rubber connectors and some suction pads. Simply make a connected pattern on your tiled wall, changing the layout every bath time. Demonstrate how to pour water into the top and watch it cascade and waterfall out of the bottom – we promise your child will have hours of fun!

Use Calming Scented Products

Introducing calming scented products can help reduce the trauma and stress of a bath time, especially when coupled with any of the above activities.

Fragrances like lemon, lavender, rosemary and cinnamon are just a small selection of the options available that will help promote concentration while calming a toddler when angry, anxious or stressed.

Host a Pool Party

If you’re really wanting to go all out why not host your very own pool party? But be warned… It could get messy and we don’t encourage you to do it at bed time as they’ll be excited and geared up for hours afterwards.

All this takes is a combination of all of the above – not necessarily all at once but we’d recommend choosing 4-5 of their favourite activities and you’ll be guaranteed hours of fun!

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