Bathroom Accessories and Brassware - a guide to choosing a complimentary style while understanding all technical specifications.

29 March 2018

When it comes to choosing bathroom accessories and brassware it’s often the final finishing touches that can make or break a bathroom design. It’s the small details that make the biggest differences in both functionality and aesthetics.

At this stage of your bathroom renovation it’s all too easy to focus purely on design and style, rather than taking the time to fully understand the technical specifications of each. Falling into this trap could result in a great looking bathroom with a poor pressure outlet, which overtime, could become a great annoyance.

At More Bathrooms we firmly believe in a best of both worlds type approach. Our philosophy is to understand your system and style preferences simultaneously, so we can suggest brassware and accessory options that compliment your bathroom design.

Varied and wide ranging, we’ll urge you to give considerations towards the following brassware and accessory choices. All important, some more than others but we’ll come onto that soon, the only style criteria here is to be consistent with the application - i.e. do not mix and match:

Taps (bath and basin)
Shower fixtures, mixers and valves
Toilet accessories and holders
Towel holders, solutions and stands
Soap dishes and dispensers

Modern v’s Traditional Brassware & Accessories.

Typically you have two options when it comes to style; modern and traditional. Finishes are also a consideration however with 9/10 in this day and age being chrome we’re going to assume, rightly or wrongly, that this will be your preference.

Taps (bath and basin)

When it comes to choosing your bath or basin taps, as well as the athletics, you should also be mindful of your pressure outlet...

Minimalistic and chic Modern taps tend to offer a single outlet with a lever turn which will be used to distinguish between hot and cold meaning a high pressured system would be best suited to ensure maximum output.


High Rise

Wall Mounted

Elegant and sophisticated Traditional taps are often suited to the majority of systems because of the separate warm and cold functions in this particular design meaning, regardless of your outlet your pressure should be powerful in most instances.



Shower Fixtures, Mixers and Valves.

When it comes to choosing a shower it’s as much about weighing up the technical specifications as it is to choosing your preferred design but remember, if you’ve opted for a modern finish on your taps then you’re going to want to keep things consistent with your shower fixtures and vice-versa.

Similarly, shower fixtures, mixers and valves are split into two styles – modern and traditional, both of which cover the same retrospective design as discussed previously. Unlike the above however there are some in-depth technical requirements that should be strongly considered as this can have an impact on output / performance as well as the overall look and feel.

Technical Specifications.

When it comes to the technical specifications of your shower fixtures there are four things you need to consider:

Exposed or Concealed Mixer
Manual or Thermostatic Valve

Depending on your personal design preferences, needs and requirements any of the above considerations are suitable it really depends on what you want to achieve.

Exposed mixers for example are installed with the mixer sitting externally with singular warm and cold controls on display (or a combined lever if preferred), lending them to a more traditional design. Whereas concealed mixers are as you would expect, concealed, with only the temperature controls on display so arguable more fitting when opting for a more modern look and feel.

With regards to valves it’s worth bearing in mind your personal requirements and habitual surroundings. Manual valves, although simple to use, require the user to control the temperature, usually with a lift and turn level function, meaning that if someone turns on a tap elsewhere or flushes a toilet the temperature with change to compensate.

Thermostatic valves however offer the opposite. Perfect for the elderly, busy households or those with young families a thermostatic valve is specifically designed to maintain the temperature, regardless of what is happening elsewhere in the home. Typically featuring two controls, one to set the temperate and one to set the flow a thermostatic valve does offer to complimentary benefits over that of a manual and can lend itself to both modern or a traditional design.

For reference, digital showers are also worth bearing in mind as an optional extra however this will be covered in another article at a later date.

Decorative Accessories

Finally that last thing you need to consider is your decorative accessories, i.e. soap dishes or dispensers, tooth brush and tooth paste holders, toilet brushes and toilet roll holders, towel storage or stands, and everything else that alludes to the above!

Now although this strictly comes down to what you’ve already decided upon our only suggestion here is to keep everything consistent. If you’ve opted for chrome finishing’s then keep these chrome also. Similarly if your newly refurbished bathroom or shower room is pretty neutral you may want to add a splash of colour, in order to give it a warmer feel, this is find too however be complimentary and selective – earthy brows, beiges and creams are all the rage in modern bathroom design at the minute.

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