Facial recognition for mood, lighting and temperature setting is the most desired technology for the modern day bathroom.

3 May 2018

An article written by More Bathrooms in June 2016 that focused on hot bathroom technology trends that facilitated and combined consumable information technology with traditional fixtures and fittings is now obsolete according to a new survey.

With reference to the following favourable advancements:

1) Digital Showers with Integrated Speaker Head

2) Smart Taps with Application Integration

3) Wi-Fi Scales with Fitness Tracker Integration and Social Share Capabilities

4) Mirrored TV’s

The article concluded with a nod of excitement to see what the next decade would hold however only a mere two years later it would appear that we would only have to wait 1/5th of that time to discover what the future holds for bathroom technology innovation.

Facial Recognition.

According to a survey, undertaken by technology company Digital Bridge where a sample of 1,000 consumers was used, found that facial recognition is the most desired technology in the modern bathroom.

Preferential features would include automatic bathroom lighting and water temperature settings based on each individual user preferences.

In-Shower Voice Recognition.

Second on the list, 16% of the sample said they would want an in-shower voice recognition devise that would be capable of adding shopping requirements to their weekly list, likely to either be held on their phone or directly linked to their shopping cart of their preferred store.

Augmented Reality.

Third, finally and a firm favourite of ours too is the introduction of augmented reality into the modern bathroom. Definitely one for the ladies, the sample stated it would be good to include technologies whereby a stimulator would show how hair styles could look and would also provide a step-by-step guide to achieving them; which takes YouTube tutorials to a completely new level.

Final Thoughts.

Interestingly, and as we’ve already highlighted, IT is becoming all-consuming in each and every one of our daily lives. Going from strength to strength with each passing year, due to the thirst for consumable information which is readily available at our finger tips, it provides at element of efficiency and productivity.

The world is literally our oyster and it’s time to start considering how such technologies can be integrated into the home, and what better place to start than in the bathroom? The sample certainly think so with 50% stating the most exciting room in the home or technology would be the bathroom.

Furthermore, and when questioned on their current bathroom technology, 68% said that they believed there bathroom was outdated with only a mere 14% thinking there bathroom was of a modern standard. If you fall into this category then More Bathrooms can help. Offering a free design and quote service we can help you make your dream bathroom a reality. To book your survey appointment click here.

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