Shower Room Considerations - 9 things to consider before you convert your beloved bathroom into a stylish shower room.

8 August 2018

We’re in the market for bathroom renovations; it’s the bread and butter of what we do and we do it well. Not only that, we’re a full service design and installation company, we take concepts to completions and have a firm had in each project, every step of the way.

Increasingly over the last couple of years we’ve ripped more bathrooms out and converted the spaces into shower rooms than ever before.


Truth is there are a number of different reasons, all very valid, however most commonly it comes down to lifestyle (customer convenience), preferences (style / design) and future planning (own safety / multi-generational home).

Whatever the underlying reason little do most know that there are actually 9 things to consider before you convert your beloved bathroom into a stylish shower room.

1) Water Pressure

Water pressure is one of the biggest shower room considerations; mainly because it can make or break your entire bathing experience. Before you jump in with both feet be sure to ask your surveyor or bathroom designer what they think will work best with your system, whether that’s gravity fed, combination boiler or a pressurised system. In our opinion there’s nothing worse than having a fantastic looking wet room that, when in use, delivers a painfully slow and feeble water flow.

2) Space

Shower rooms are fantastic for creating space in a small bathroom, in fact it’s another strong consideration when making the conversion switch. Our suggestion is don’t go with the easiest option. Get a bathroom designer in and ask them to create you a shower room that delivers the maximum space and works in conjunction with your wants and needs. Whether that’s a wet room, walk-in shower or a shower enclosure each come in a number of different shapes and sizes so be sure to get the best one for you.

3) Layout

In line with the above not only will a bathroom surveyor advice you on product choice to help maximise the available space they will also propose a layout that encourages all your fixtures and fittings to work in harmony with one another to facilitate a better, and more efficient, bathing experience.

4) Heating

Shower rooms can traditionally be quite cold spaces, often accentuated by your personal preferences with regards to style and design (more on that later). Similarly if your conversion has created space, what was once a small, claustrophobic and warm area could now feel more like an open, airy and bright capacity meaning the requirement for additional heating instruments may be advisable.

5) Lighting

More space in the bathroom can often mean a bright, open and airy look and feel. Depending on your fixture choices and whether you have made the decision, or been advised, to relocate key fittings, it could be worth while addressing your bathroom lighting instruments.

Maybe you want to highlight key focal areas? Or maybe your new shower room does now feel a little cool and clinical and therefore you are wanting to explore the use of warm lighting to enhance the overall experience? Whatever your end goal, a bathroom designer or surveyor should be more than happy to advise.

6) Storage

A big consideration in any bathroom renovation is the incorporation of storage solutions and fitted furniture. Traditionally speaking there are two bathroom storage options, back-to-wall and modular furniture.

In our professional opinion however we firmly believe it is important to consider what you require storage for. Our belief is if you have space to fill then you will fill it so as a starting point we would strongly advise de-cluttering your bathroom ahead of renovation planning; doing so will help you determine, with regards to practicality, what storage solutions you will need to incorporate.

7, 8, 9) Lifestyle, Options / Preferences and Future

Finally, and as mentioned at the very beginning of this article, the decision to convert a bathroom to a shower room most commonly comes down to lifestyle, preferences and future planning.

Lifestyle, directly linked with customer convenience, focuses solely on how people use the bathroom area. Like many in this day and age, long gone are the restful nights spent enjoying a relaxing soak, we’re all too busy and too in tuned with social on goings to possibly find the time to have a bath.

Preferences take into consideration all your options covering style and design. Many people want a shower because they simply prefer a shower, and that’s perfectly fine. They may prefer how it looks, the design, and the varying options they deliver, whether a wet room, walk-in shower or shower enclosure and cubicle, there’s a shower solution for everyone.

Planning for the future; this is a big trend in the bathroom world and a trend that is increasing year on year. Whether you’re converting your bathroom to a shower room for ease of access and use, protecting yourself and your investment or have a requirement to incorporate a facility that is suitable for all members of the family i.e. multi-generational, an easy access shower room is the answer to all your future proofing needs.

More Bathrooms, part of the Passmore Group, is a Leeds based bathrooms by design specialist. Whether you require a complete bathroom solution or a bathroom renovation More Bathrooms offer bathroom design incorporating expert knowledge and advice in all themes, ranges and styles as part of their complete supply & installation service.

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