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4 September 2018

The thought of a cold shower is enough to send a shudder down anyone’s spine, especially ours. Bathrooms and shower rooms should be warm and welcoming spaces in which you can use to relax and unwind in after a hard day’s work.

Although we struggle to comprehend why anyone would even consider taking a cold shower there are a number of health related benefits to doing so. Tried and tested over the years and proven in use; lowering the temperature of your shower has been recognised as solution to not only boost your health but also a way of improving your state of mind while helping preserve the environment.

Fitness Enthusiast?

If you’re overly active, love an intense gym workout and continuously enjoy putting strain on your muscle groups then you may want to think about incorporating a cold shower into your recovery regime.

Similar to many professional athletes that use ice baths as a form of recovery, exposure to cold water tightens blood vessels which reduces and contracts the amount of lactic acid that accumulates in the blood stream when you exercise. When your body reaches its natural temperature again the same vessels pull in freshly oxygenated blood which helps reduce the post work-out soreness as well as aiding with the replenishment of natural nutrients meaning you can work out more frequently.

So contrary to popular belief it’s not all protein shakes, plain chicken breast and broccoli for tea!

Improve your well-being.

Exposing yourself to the shock of a cold shower, similar to jumping into a hotel pool after sunning yourself for hours while on holiday, can help increase your tolerance to stress. Incorporating this into your regime can help you start to manage stress in other areas of your life, improving your well-being overall.

A study has also found that cold showers can help relieve symptoms of depression as a result of the intense impact the icy temperatures has on the skins receptors. Sending an overwhelming amount of electrical impulses from the perceptual nerve endings to the brain helps produce, what experts call, the anti-depressive effect, which mainly involves boosting moods and improving ones state of mind.


If you’re wanting to look after the environment by consuming less energy then a cold shower could be a quick way of helping you meet your environmental goals.

Unlike a warm shower you’re not having to use energy heating the water up; you’re also less likely to spend any amount of time daydreaming rather than washing so you’ll be in and out in a flash. In both instances by taking a cold shower you’re helping to preserve the environment while making a noticeable reduction in your quarterly energy bills; win-win all round!

Enhance your beauty regime.

One of the easiest ways to maintain ones youthfulness is by taking a cold shower (no, we’re not joking). We urge you to stop spending hundreds of pounds on beauty products and anti-aging creams and simply incorporate a cold shower into your beauty regime once in a while. Doing so can:

1) Keep skin looking moisturised and replenished.

2) Tighten cuticles and pores.

3) Seal pores and the scalp, preventing dirt from getting in.

4) Prevent the skin from becoming stripped of natural oils and minerals

5) Make hair healthier, shinier and stronger by flattening follicles and increasing its ability to grip the scalp.

Now we’re not calling taking a cold shower every once in a while a miracle cure but if by simply incorporating one into your bathing regime can help with all of the above points then surely its worth taking a chance on? We know we’ll be giving it a go!


Taking a cold shower may not be the best thing for everyone. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, or something similar, we urge you to consult a doctor before doing so:

1) Existing respiratory health issues

2) Heart disease

3) Diabetes

4) Blood pressure

Do not put yourself under any preventable risk, bathing should be enjoyable but in the same breathe it should always be safe.

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