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4 October 2018

Originating in France just before World War I, art deco, also known as style moderne, went onto influence the design of buildings, furniture, fashion, interiors and more recently, domestic bathrooms.

Having seen an uplift in art deco designed bathroom requests and choices we’ve decided to take some time this month to document how you can create the look in your own home.

Created to exude a sleek and an anti-traditional elegance, used to symbolise wealth and sophistication, art deco design is often achieved through the use of geometric and angular shapes in chrome, glass and mirrored finishing’s.

Creating the art deco design in your bathroom.

Overall, art deco concentrates on big bold designs incorporated through stepped profiles, zigzag, chevrons or lightning bolt patterns. Either as an additional finishing touch, a statement feature or introduced through a wall art surround, these interior styling's are the pinnacles of art deco design – how, where and when to introduce them however is another matter entirely.

Bathroom Furniture & Storage.

Art deco inspired bathroom furniture and storage solutions should be strong, sturdy, streamlined shapes and singular pieces rather than full vanity or semi-recessed suites.

Used to accentuate and highlight the art deco design, ideally you want to be thinking about incorporating a large, solid in colour, vanity basin unit with brass or chrome fittings, finished with a marble or geometric counter top.

Colour & Lighting

Bold dark colours, like blues and blacks or glacier whites, silvers and chromes will help you create an art deco bathroom design. Traditionally red and yellows can also be used within this interior style however this is typically overly contrasting in bathroom design.

Similarly lighting instruments are best in either chrome or glass whether etched, sandblasted or enameled for a light, bright and clean looking art deco suite.

Floor & Wall Coverings

Art deco flooring can take many forms you just need to decide which style best fits with your aspirational design requirements. Plain or polished wooden geometric mosaics, gloss marble or checked vinyl is typically the three most sought after flooring types in this periodic style.

Similarly shiny mosaic wall tiles or marble effect gloss are a modern day art deco design must have. For a cheaper, yet equally charming interpretation, ‘subway’ tiles are welcome as they look great and are a popular choice in today’s art deco bathroom design. Used in minimal quantities in wet areas only opting for this tile type and application can save on renovation costs without impacting the project.

Traditionally speaking many, still to this day, associate art deco interiors through the application of black and white designs across a number of fixtures and fittings.

However, as documented above, this is not strictly correct. The truth is you can use any ‘modern’ bold colour, as long as it maximises the classic touch, and compliment this with brass, chrome or copper decoration for the ultimate art deco bathroom suite.

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