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27 October 2020

Family bathrooms are notoriously busy and thanks to their heavy use, can often become cluttered, slippy and - particularly if used by very young or very old members of the family - unsafe.

When a bathroom is used by multiple people of varying ages it’s equally important that the space is functional, aesthetically pleasing and of course, safe.

Whether you have a young and growing family or an older family member moving in, we’ve put together a list of family friendly bathroom tips to consider when renovating or adapting your suite.

How to Improve Bathroom Safety

The first thing we recommend when asked how to create a family friendly bathroom is to ensure your suite is safe for all.

Often the most accident-prone room in the home, if you have a busy bathroom the risk of a slip or fall can increase. The good news is that there are several easy adaptations you can make to help improve safety:

Anti-Slip Surfaces

Anti-slip flooring will help to avoid any slips or falls for all members of your family. Whether you opt for anti-slip vinyl flooring or non-slip tiles, you’ll find them both available in a variety of styles and designs.

Similarly there are a number of different fixtures available, mainly baths and showers, that feature built in slip-resistant surfaces for additional safety.

Corner Protectors

If you have young children that are starting to use the bathroom independently, covering sharp edges on bathroom furniture with corner protectors can help to avoid any painful bumps.

Bath And Shower Mats

If you aren’t undertaking a bathroom renovation, an easy way to help avoid slips within the bathroom is to place an anti-slip mat in your bath and or shower to help to assist with grip and support.

Grab Rails

Particularly important for the older generation, if you or a family member needs additional support when using the bathroom, the installation of grab rails can help. They are available in a variety of styles and can be installed in a number of key areas around the bathroom. To find out more read our dedicated bathroom grab rails buying guide over on our sister site, More Ability.

Shower And Bathing Options

With family bathrooms we always recommend making the best use of your available space.

Showers are quick, environmentally friendly and space efficient. If you have a small suite, then the installation of a bespoke wet room, walk-in shower or shower room enclosure can create additional space for the rest of your bathroom sanitary ware.

If you have a very busy bathroom - and the available space - then the installation of a separate bath and shower, or even bath with overhead shower, can assist with multiple uses. Similarly having a bathroom with a bath tends to be a must for families with young children.

Eco Friendly Solutions

If you live in a household where the bathroom is in near-constant demand, then the installation of eco-friendly fixtures are essential as they will help you to reduce water waste, in turn saving you money on your energy and water bills.

With such a wide range of eco-friendly solutions available we’ve put together a dedicated article that covers all the major fixtures to consider when wanting to discover how to make your bathroom eco-friendly.

Temperature Control

If you have a young child starting to use the bathroom independently, or an elderly family member moving into your home, temperature control facilities to help prevent scalding are a must.

The installation of thermostatically controlled basin and bath taps, as well as shower mixers, keeps water set to a safe temperature, regardless of how much the lever is turned.

Ventilation Choices

Although it is often an afterthought, adequate bathroom ventilation is a necessity in any busy bathroom that is frequently used.

Installing a standard or humidistat fan removes excess steam and water from your suite which helps to prevent mould and damp - which can negatively affect your health. This is particularly important for those who don’t have the option to open a window in their suite.

Bathroom Heating Options.

Equally as important as bathroom ventilation, adequate bathroom heating is also required to help avoid damp and mould. Similarly, bathroom heating is just as important for the simple fact point as nobody enjoys stepping into a cold room after a warm shower or soak in the bath.

Creating a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable space we’ve put together a bathroom heating guide that covers everything from your options for heated towel rails, underfloor heating and bathroom heaters.

Bathroom Storage Solutions.

As family bathrooms are used by lots of people with lots of different requirements (and favourite toiletries), a variety of storage options are often required to store that ever-growing list of bathroom amenities.

Our top three options for family bathroom storage solutions include:

High Shelves And Cabinets

If you have young children using the bathroom, high bathroom storage shelves and wall cabinets can stop their curious minds from getting their hands on any unsafe and or unsuitable bathroom amenities.

High shelves and cabinets are also a great way to make use of unused wall space, particularly for those who have limited bathroom floor space.

Wall Niches

Another smart way to make the best use of available space is to install recessed wall niches. Taking space from within your bathroom walls they create space for you to store your amenities without taking up any additional space. Often located within or next to the bath or shower, they provide easy access for all.

Vanity Units

Making use of the unused space under the basin, vanity units store away various bathroom amenities making it look tidier and less cluttered.

That said, and wherever possible, we always recommend installing lockable bathroom cabinets, or adding a child lock, if you have young children independently using the bathroom.

Low Maintenance Fixtures.

If you are renovating your family bathroom, wall boards and vinyl flooring are the best low maintenance solution due to their waterproof properties and the fact that they’re easy to wipe down and clean.

If you’re opting for tiles, choosing larger styles will lead to less grout, meaning less dirt and mould accumulating - this makes them easier to clean than smaller options.

Dual Basins

If your space is large enough, dual basins are great for those busy mornings when everyone is trying to use the bathroom at the same time. Installation of dual basins, also referred to as ‘his and her basins’ and ‘Jack and Jill basins’ can help to avoid the morning queue allowing more than one person use the sink at a time.

If you wish to learn more about how to create a family friendly bathroom or require more general bathroom renovation advice, we’re here to help. You can either call a friendly member of our team or book a design appointment online with one of our senior designers.

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