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25 November 2020

With 2020’s restrictions seeing us staying indoors more, many of us have no longer been able to ignore those much needed home improvements, particularly in the most used room within the house - the bathroom.

With bathroom renovations expected to continue to grow in 2021, we’ve outlined next year’s top trends, as suggested by one of our top bathroom design experts.

Whether you’re wanting to use the additional time on your hands to update your bathroom or plan to get the professionals in in 2021, this article will let you know what to look out for.

2021 Bathroom Trends.

With over 28 years of bathroom design experience More Bathrooms Senior Designer Garry designs close to 400 bathrooms every year. With 2020 seeing an influx of demand for bathroom renovations, Garry has seen bathroom trends that have become design staples over the years as well as new trends arise that he believes will continue into 2021.

Bathroom Designs

Black Bathrooms.

Offering the opportunity to make a bold statement within your suite. Black bathrooms have been extremely popular this year and according to Garry they are here to stay. Garry explains;

“We’ve seen an influx in customers wanting to incorporate the colour black within their bathrooms, we’ve also seen suppliers create new black ranges to support the continued demand. There is loads out there to choose from whether you want a full black suite or to keep it simple by incorporating black within your bathroom finishing touches”.

Modern And Minimal.

We are asked daily to make bathroom suites look like they are straight out of a hotel”.

For many years our designers have been regularly asked to create modern bathroom that incorporate minimal designs. They want their suites to incorporate neutral tones such as greys and beige with clean white lines, similar to the suites customers have enjoyed during trips away.

Garry explains “Minimal suites are easy to adapt with bathroom accessories and towels; customers love minimal designs that can be changed to suit their mood. This bathroom design classic will and continue to be requested in 2021 and years to come.”

Patterns And Bright Colours.

Bold and bright bathrooms are a great way to make a statement within your home. “funky patterns and bright feature walls are a great way to show personality within your suite and can be a great way to brighten up your day”.

We’ve seen a rise in customers opting for brighter designs over the traditional and modern designs and this will continue to grow over the coming years. To find out more about bathroom colour and design ideas read our bathroom colour guide.

Added Luxury

We are all spending more time at home and naturally that means using the bathroom more often. Garry suggests “customers want a luxury feel within the bathroom as well convenience, you’ll see more luxurious finishing touches within bathroom in the future including easy to wipe down large ceramic bathroom tiles and under floor heating’.

Functional Sanitary Ware.

The future is function. “The focus for the coming year will be to make the most of bathroom’s available space whilst incorporating savvy sanitary ware’ Garry suggests.

Wash And Dry toilets.

Wash and dry toilets are one to look out for in 2021. “Although they have been around for a while, we’ve found people are doing more research into sanitary ware developments” Garry explains. There has been continued growth in requests for wash and dry toilets as a result of the benefits of such fixtures becoming more well-known by consumers and manufactures investing more resource into their design and development.

Wall Hung Sanitary Ware.

The uncertainly created from the current pandemic has meant many of us want to improve our existing home instead of moving into a new one. With enhancing available space a top trend to watch out for in 2021 Garry explains “Customers used to be reluctant to install wall hung toilets worried that it may not hold their weight, but with a little education and seeing the often needed floor space that can be saved has encouraged those with smaller suites to opt for wall hung options”.

Shower Room Conversions.

Making better use of space has also seen customers wanting to remove their bath and opting for a shower room instead.

“We’ve found that the majority of customers are requesting the removal of a bath in place of a shower, although we all love a long soak from time to time we now no longer use baths as much as we used to particularity as showers save time and money off the water bill” Garry states.

It has also become the norm to have an overhead shower alongside an adjustable shower head for multi-use”.

Whether you want to learn more about how to incorporate the expected 2021 Bathroom Trends or wish to gather more general bathroom renovation advice we’re here to help. You can either call a friendly member of our team or book a design appointment online with one of our senior designers.

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