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Small Wet Room Ideas | More Bathrooms

1 December 2021

Small wet room

Turning the entire room into a shower area, wet rooms are a popular option for small shower room renovations. This article offers design ideas for small wet rooms.

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Wet Room Design Tips And Ideas | More Bathrooms

28 October 2019

No description available

We know from experience that there are a huge range of designs for wet rooms available, depending on size, budget and personal style preferences. We’ve got some great advice on making your wet room a stunning sanctuary, covering everything from layout to tiles and lighting.

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Complete Guide to Wet Rooms & Wet Room Installation | More Bathrooms

22 August 2019

Wet Room Installation

As full-service bathroom design and installation experts we are regularly asked about wet rooms and wet room ideas. With many misconceptions, especially around them leaking, we have created this helpful article to answer a handful of the most common questions.

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Shower Room Ideas & Small Shower Room Layout

23 July 2019

Shower Room Ideas | Small Shower Room | More Bathrooms

Shower room layouts are heavily dependent on the size and shape of the existing space. As this will dictate the design and dictate which shower solution, whether an enclosure, wet room or walk-in shower, will work best for you and your needs.

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