Tour de Tony Passmore 500km Burma Challenge

10 March 2015

Last week, Managing Director, Tony Passmore completed his most recent charity cycle which saw him concur a 500km journey across Burma with an aim of raising £3,000 for the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre.

Now back in the office, and still in one piece, Tony has raised an incredible £2,700 for the centre so far who as a company we have worked with for a number of years promoting and supporting independent & safe living in and around the Leeds area.

Day 1)

After a 30 hour delay and 55 hours traveling time Tour de Tony Passmore – Burma got under way. Due to the unforeseen delay there was no ‘easing in gently’ so a 7am start followed by 120km (75mile) ride in 37 degree dry heat was the order of the day which came to a close with a 'boat' trip up the mighty Irrawaddy River to that evenings ‘hotel’.

Day 2)

Another brutal day on the bike saw Tony concur a 112km (70mile) uphill cycle to mount poppa.

Once at the cycle foot of mount poppa Tony then endured 940 steps to the holy shrine which was done bare foot as is custom. As you can see in the picture below Tony received a warm welcome once at the summit by some of the locals.

Day 3 & 4)

Tony resided up in the mountains on the eve of day 3, experiencing quite a cold evening which was said to be some relief from the intense day time heat which saw him taking in an average of 9litres of water each day

Days 3 & 4 consisted of climbing numerous amounts of hills with temperatures soring before finally brining day 4 to a close back down at the lake at which point another 120km cycle was made easier by a visiting a local school and spending time with some of the pupils which can be seen pictured.

Day 5)

Brining the 5 day challenge to an end the final day consisted of a nice and by all accounts ‘steady’ ride around the lake allowing a little more time to take in the culture. 

Final Thoughts from Tony

A beautiful country with poor but happy friendly people where tourism is very much in its infancy. Minimal mobile signal or Wi-Fi added to the overall experience as did the fact that there isn’t a single fast food joint in the whole of Burma (Mayanmar), only wholesome fresh un-processed food.

A million thanks for helping me raise almost £3,000 to help the elderly and disabled of our region – a massive effort as I know how many people are asking for charity these days.



Tour de Tony Passmore – Burma is Tony’s 3rd charity cycle race in as many years. To learn more about Tony’s biking challenges visit his personal website –

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