More Bathrooms merge with Charms Bathrooms of Harrogate – click here for more information.

About Us

establish in 1965 we design & fit over 600 bathrooms each year.

A true family-run business, B&K Passmore Ltd was first established by husband and wife team, Brian and Kathleen Passmore, who originally ran the business from their home before purchasing their first showroom in 1970.

In 2011, the company relocated to their currently Leeds Bathroom Showroom in Wortley, a 2000 sq ft space to showcase their wide range of high quality bathroom solutions.

When Brian and Kathleen retired in 2005, the leadership of the company was handed to their two sons, Steve and Tony Passmore. Both have worked in the business since leaving school, and work with determination to ensure that their parents' core values of honesty, integrity and trust continue to resonate through every aspect of the company's offering.

In 2012, the company was re-branded and is now known as Passmore Group, with three sub-divisions; More Bathrooms, More Ability and More Build. Comprehensive home improvement specialists, Passmore Group can carry out any work on your home, short of building you a brand new one!

More Bathrooms offers a complete bathroom design, supply and installation service.

More Ability offers a complete bathroom solutions service, specialising in bathroom adaptations and alterations for those with additional physical needs, the retired, elderly and disabled.

More Build offers a complete building solutions service.

Although Passmores primarily offers bathroom solutions and building services across the entire Yorkshire area, the company also carry out work in the public sector for local authorities and schools across the North of England.

In 2017 Passmores continued there success with the acquisition of Charms Bathrooms of Harrogate, a move that sought to save jobs and preserve the 100-year old legacy of the bathroom retail company.

Commenting on the deal, Tony Passmore, said: “Charms is similarly a family-run brand synonymous with trust, quality and integrity, so the fit into our stable of companies was perfect. We look forward to bringing 50 years of installation expertise to the table – especially for some of Charms’ clientele who may have previously used the company for ‘supply only’ bathroom purchases.” you can read more about the acquisition here.