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Tiles, typically have more scope due to the variety available and tend to be consistently applied to both floor and wall for a dependable finish. Natural in appearance both ceramic and porcelain tiles lend themselves perfectly to creating a modern, clean and luxurious look and feel.

Ceramic tiles are made with a clay compound and glazed finished meaning where pictured & decorative colouring or marble and gloss is preferred or requested you would be looking at a ceramic option.

Solid and heavy porcelain tiles can be described as displaying a stone orientation, which is a relatively new and warm welcomed alternative. Large, elegant and classy, porcelain tiles really do exude luxury, especially when used in beige and grey settings.

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An alternative flooring to tiles could be vinyl, either laminate or slip resistant.

Each boosting their own unique positives, the importance of understanding what each flooring type can offer you is essential when making a decision based on personal preferences, wants and needs.

Unlike tiles, vinyl flooring is relatively maintenance free due to its ‘unbroken’ finish and no grout requirements. Furthermore vinyl is typically a warmer flooring type due to its manufacturing components which can be a big plus to many.

In recent years slip resistant vinyl has come a long way in terms of choice. No longer a clinical looking solution there are now a number of options for colour and texture making it a stylish and safer alternative.

Similarly laminate vinyl now also boosts a wide selection of choices from wood effect, marble and even tiled. However what was once deemed a cheaper alternative is now classed as a careful consideration within its own right due to an increase in choice and quality.

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An alternative wall covering to the ever prevalent tile is wall boards.

A firm shower room alternative due to their waterproofing properties, wall boards are again a relatively maintenance free option due to their unbroken finish and no grout requirements; further complimenting their water resistant benefits.

With a reasonable selection of choice and patterns now available, wall boards are becoming an increasingly popular option in the modern day home so careful consideration is advised.

Bathrooms refurbishment - design, supply & install

The choice really is yours but remember, whatever that may be, it can say a lot about your style, personal preferences and personality.

But don’t worry.

Like always, we’ll happily take you through all of our options, with friendly help, advice and guidance, and together we’ll find the ultimate look for your dream bathroom.

So if you’re ready to showcase your suites personality book a free home survey appointment online, at a time & date suitable for yourself or get in touch with a friendly member of our team. We also have a fantastic selection of floor and wall coverings on display at our bathroom showrooms in Leeds and Harrogate.