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Bathroom Tiles.

With a wide range of options available, deciding on what type of bathroom tile to choose comes down to your personal preferences, wants and needs.

An easy way to add depth to your bathroom or shower room bathroom tiles vary in design, durability and price. Offering a modern, clean and luxurious feel the most popular options for bathroom tiles include:

> Ceramic Bathroom Tiles

> Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

> Marble Bathroom Tiles

> Travertine Bathroom Tiles

> Glass Bathroom Tiles

> Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

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Ceramic Bathroom Tiles.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are made with a clay compound or silicate mixture, moulded into shape and baked in a kiln. The ceramic tiles are then usually glazed.

Ceramic bathroom tiles are one of the most popular tile options for bathroom floor and wall coverings. They are easy to look after and available in a wide variety of sizes and colours.

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Porcelain Bathroom Tiles.

Porcelain bathroom tiles are also made from clay but from denser types. Solid and heavy porcelain bathroom tiles can be described as displaying a stone orientation.

Porcelain tiles are easy to look after and hard wearing. They also exude luxury, especially when used in beige and grey settings.

Glass Bathroom Tiles.

Regularly used for wall back splashes and mosaic designs, glass tiles add depth to any bathroom wall covering.

Transparent glass tiles reflect light and can help small bathrooms feel more spacious. They are also low maintenance and easier to clean than other bathroom tile options.

The application of glass bathroom tiles must be done correctly. Incorrect application of grout will be visible upon completion.

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles.

As mentioned above mosaic tiles are made from glass and used to create beautiful bathroom wall and floor designs.

There are many design options available with mosaic bathroom tiles, they can vary widely in style, size and colour dependant on your choice of pattern. Mosaic bathroom tiles are one of the most expensive bathroom tile options.

Marble Bathroom Tiles.

Marble bathroom tiles are made from natural stone and a guaranteed way to create a stunning elegant finish to your bathroom. They are available in a range of tones, sizes and finishes.

In comparison to other bathroom tiles, marble stones are high maintenance as due to their porous surface they stain and scratch easily. Marble tiles must be cleaned with acid free products and get sealed at least once a year.

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Travertine Bathroom Tiles.

Often mistaken with marble, travertine bathroom tiles are made from natural stone but have different properties. Travertine bathroom tiles provide a luxury finish but are susceptible to damage as travertine is a soft and porous stone so requires extra special care.

They are suitable choice of bathroom floor tile due to their natural non slip texture before being honed or polished. There is a variety of travertine tile finishes available including honed, polished, filled or pillowed.

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Make Your Dream Bathroom A Reality.

As part of our full bathroom design and installation service we offer an all- inclusive range of bathroom tiles.

If you are ready to re- design your existing bathroom or shower room with a focus on bathroom tiles then why not book a design appointment with one of our expert designers.

Alternatively you can visit any of our bathroom showrooms, located in Leeds , Harrogate and Mirfield for additional bathroom tile inspiration.

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