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Bathroom Heating.

When deciding on bathroom heating solutions, you need to consider what thermal requirements your bathroom needs in order to make it comfortably warm.

Doing so will indicate what bathroom heating solution is best for you and your needs, while taking into consideration:

> The Size Of Your Bathroom Or Shower Room

> Your Suites Technical Features

> Other General Specifications

Bathroom Heating Options.

Typically, you have two bathroom heating options up for consideration when deliberating how best to heat your bathroom:

> Heated Towel Warmers

> Bathroom Underfloor Heating

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Heated Towel Warmers.

Heated towel warmers come in a variety of:

> Sizes

> Colours

> Finishes

All of which impact the heating outage.

For example, to heat a bathroom that requires 3,000-3,500 BTU’s (British Thermal Units) you would require a 6ft chrome heated towel warmer. However, as coloured towel warmers have a 30-50% better heating output you would require a 4ft coloured heated towel warmer.

Bathroom Underfloor Heating.

Another bathroom heating option is bathroom underfloor heating, which is often recommended where tiled flooring has been installed.

Tiles, as modern and stylish as they are, have two shortcomings:

> They Are Generally Slippy When Wet

> They Are Renowned For Being Cold

To combat this if tiles are your preferred floor finish is to install bathroom underfloor heating.

If you're struggle to decide which bathroom heating system would best suite your wants, needs and requirements get in touch with More Bathrooms.

Bathroom Ventilation.

Another option to consider when heating your bathroom is bathroom ventilation. It is not a necessity when refurbishing a bathroom however is now a legal requirement in new builds.

Options for bathroom ventilation include:

> Standard Fan

> Humidistat Fan

Standard Fan.

A standard fan is manually controlled by a switch; meaning you can turn the fan on and off as you see fit.

Humidistat Fan.

Humidistat fans work off the amount of humidity in your bathroom. Controlled by two factors they either run based on time or until the steam and condensation has cleared.

Why Bathroom Ventilation Is Important.

Although bathroom ventilation is not a requirement, we always recommend installing some form of extraction unit when renovating a bathroom.

Warm and wet environments can often cause damp which if untreated may turn to mould. Installing an extractor fan will overcome this protecting your new bathroom.

As well as bathroom heating we ensure we also cover ventilation options - protecting the longevity of your refurbishment.

Full Bathroom Design And Installation Service.

As part of our full bathroom design & installation service we offer an all- inclusive range of bathroom heating and bathroom ventilation options.

Above all we believe that your newly renovated bathroom or shower room should be a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable space.

So if you are ready to re- design your existing bathroom with a focus on creating a cosy, well heated and welcoming suite why not book your free design appointment online.

Alternatively you can visit one of our bathrooms showrooms in Leeds , Harrogate or Mirfield to discuss your options in more detail.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver. We are Yorkshires only 5* rated bathroom design and installation company. And our showrooms are home to 100's of thank you cards and letters of appreciation.