As we get older, often nearing retirement age, many of us will find that we begin to struggle getting in and out of a traditional bath due to lacking the upper body strength required to pull ourselves up and out of the water.

As a result, bathing, which was once an enjoyable part of the day, can become troublesome and more difficult to manage.

At More Bathrooms we understand the struggles later life can bring with regards to bathing, which is why we created our sister company, More Ability.

Providing a safe experience for you or your loved ones our More Ability division specialises in stylish and future-proofed, easy access shower room solutions, a fantastic alternative to available bathing solutions with regards to increased safety and hightened ease of use.

walk-in showers, wet rooms, wet floor showers and level access shower solutions all form part of our easy access shower solutions range.
Shower with independence, in comfort and in safety with an easy access shower room solution.

Shower with independence, in comfort and in safety.

Bathrooms and shower rooms are widely acknowledge to be the most troublesome and risk infused rooms within the modern day home.

If you are struggling with current amenities it is essential to plan for the future, in order to maintain your independence and continue to safely enjoy the time you spend in your bathroom or shower room each day.

Help a loved one remain safe and independent within their own home with an easy access shower room.

If you adore the shower room designs here at More Bathrooms but feel you may benefit from a more bespoke easy access shower solution, our sister company, More Ability, could provide you with the perfect combination of style and function.

To find out more about our easy access shower rooms, visit our More Ability website. Alternatively you can get in touch with a friendly member of our team to discuss your wants, needs and requirements in more detail.

We also have a dedicated area in our Leeds Bathroom Showroom displaying a wide range stylish and accessible wet floor showers, walk-in showers, level access solutions and wet rooms - a while worth visit if you are in two minds over what to do and want to discuss your requirements with an experienced designer.

We've been helping people across Yorkshire take control of their bathing experience for over fifty years, so whether you're in Oakwood or Otley, we're here to help.