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When it comes to bathroom lighting and illumination you have two options; cool lighting or warm lighting.

Don’t be hasty…

The right choice of bathroom lighting can dramatically improve the look, feel and general design of the bathroom by helping to accentuate your chosen fixtures and fittings.

Cool bathroom lighting is a preferable option where a white suite is in situ.  Bright and crisp, the coolness lends itself to enhancing the glacier sanitary ware.

Warm lighting can be used in a beige and brown coloured suite to create a softer, warmer and cosier feel whereas cool lighting is preferred in a white suite, favouring those who want a bathroom that is bright and crisp as the coolness lends itself to enhancing the glacier sanitary ware.

Whichever you decide it is likely LED instruments will be used to showcase your preferred main bathroom lighting and illumination.

Whether through the installation of spot lights in the ceiling, wall lighting or low level floor lighting, LED’s come in a variety of offerings and are a great economical addition to any suite.

Warm bathroom lighting is preferable where a beige and brown coloured suite is favoured as it helps to create a softer, warmer and cosier feel.

To set the ambient mood for a long and relaxing soak we would recommend incorporating discreet recessed lighting to your bathroom refurbishment.

Often used within bespoke niches to highlight and accentuate specific features, discreet recessed lighting will help to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere encouraging you to unwind and de-stress after a busy day.

A popular and growing option for bathroom lighting is the incorporation of recessed lighting. Often used within bespoke niches to highlight and accentuate specific features.

Make concentrated focal areas of your bathroom or shower room glow with the provisional influence of an illuminated mirror.

Also useful when looking to create additional storage in for form of a cabinet, illuminated mirrors come in a number of innovative options and designs including:

1) Auto colour changing mirrors influenced by your bathrooms temperature

2) Mirrors with built in boarder lighting

3) Mirrors with a back light ‘glow’ design

A modern day must have, whichever you decide, the installation of an illuminated mirror will make shaving, make-up application, general beautifying and close up inspecting a breeze.

Illuminated mirrors are a perfect bathroom lighting option when you are looking to make concentrated areas the focal of your bathroom or shower room.

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