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Small Bathrooms.

At More Bathrooms we don't see a compact small bathroom as a problem.

We see it as an opportunity to exercise our expertise and industry knowledge in the execution of clever bathroom design. Which we couple with a careful selection of space saving fixture and fittings.

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Clever Small Bathroom Design.

Using design trickery and clever space saving solutions can be the difference between you having a small bathroom and a small but beautiful bathroom.

Opening up the available floor space by wall hanging your WC, basin or preferred storage solution is the quickest way to create the illusion of space.

Similarly, incorporating glass fittings and mirrors will help bounce light around the room making it appear bigger than it actually is.

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Space Saving Fixture Options For Small Bathrooms.

> Corner Toilets

> Compact Basins

> Wet Rooms

> Over Bath Showers

> And Square Shower Enclosures & Cubicles

Are just a handful of the options available to you, to help you save space and make the most of your small bathroom design.

Space Saving Storage Options For Small Bathrooms.

When space is limited and can easily appear cluttered is when bathroom storage can really come into its own.

To create a clean, tidy and hassle-free small bathroom suite that utilises every inch of space consider:

> Semi-Recessed Fitted Furniture

> A Vanity Basin Unit

> Or Modular Bathroom Storage

At More Bathrooms we don't see compact and small bathrooms as a problem. We see it as an opportunity to exercise our expertise and industry knowledge in the execution of clever design.

Full Service Bathroom Design & Installation.

Whatever the size of the space you’re working with we can help you make your dream small bathroom a functional reality.

At More Bathrooms we'll be with you every step of the way with our full design and installation service.

Firstly our surveyors and designers will visit you at home, working with you to create the small bathroom design of your dreams.

Taking over, our in-house team of multi-skilled installers will turn this into a reality. While our dedicated customer service team will also remain on hand through-out your project should you have any queries.

However compact we believe that your small bathroom is the one space in your home that is a worthwhile investment. It's the one place you can relax and unwind after a busy day and enjoy a bit of much needed, and much deserved, 'me time'.

Make your dream small bathroom a reality.

If you’re ready to make you dream small bathroom a reality why not call a friendly member of our team or book your free design appointment online.

Alternatively you may wish to visit one of our bathroom showrooms in Leeds, Harrogate or Mirfield for some additional space saving bathroom inspiration prior to booking an appointment with us.

As a company we are extremely proud of the exceptional service we continuously deliver. We are Yorkshires only 5* rated bathroom design and installation company. And our showrooms are home to 100's of thank you cards and letters of appreciation.

Small Bathroom FAQ's

What design strategies can maximise the space and functionality of a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms can be optimised with space-saving fixtures like wall-mounted basins and WC’s, compact vanities, and clever storage solutions. Using light colours and mirrors and reflect materials can also create a sense of openness and space.

Is it possible to create a visually appealing small bathroom design without sacrificing functionality?

Absolutely! Small bathroom designs can be both visually appealing and functional. Our expert team of senior designers specialise in maximising every inch of space while incorporating your preferred style of fixtures and finishes.

What are some innovative storage solutions for small bathrooms designs?

Innovative storage solutions include recessed shelving, built-in niches, and floating vanities with open shelving. These options help keep your small bathroom organised and clutter-free without taking up available floor space.

What colour schemes and materials work best for small bathroom designs?

Light and neutral colour schemes, along with materials like glass, mirrors, and glossy tiles, can help reflect light and create a sense of openness in small bathrooms.

What sets your small bathroom design and installation service apart from others in the industry?

A true full-service provider, our small bathroom design and installation service stand’s out due to our commitment to offering a personalised service, our attention to detail, and dedication to customer experience. We prioritise functionality, and aesthetics to make the most of limited space while creating a concept that is efficient and stylish.