Showering Solutions for the Modern Bathroom

13 February 2014

The Modern Bathroom

You are in it every day, sometimes even twice, yet the design of the habitual shower has, until recent times, remained very conventional. Similar to other bathroom fittings, the shower offers many additional features and benefits which have been focused on within bathroom design more and more over the past few years.

Luxury showering solutions are now being made more readily available, and affordable, for the modern home owner. Designers and suppliers alike have noticed an increase in demand for the supply of such bathroom fitting as consumers no longer only expect to see them in a 5* hotel.

The concept of showering rather than bathing works well with our busy schedules – it’s quick, easy and efficient. However with the move towards style, luxury, designs and added benefits the standard bath / shower combination is no longer desired as we, the customers, seek the wow factor.

Walk-In Showers

Whether you love the minimalistic look or the simplistic ease of use, walk-in showers provide the ideal combination of ultra-modern design and functionality. Popularly enclosed with a glass surround, the walk-in shower offers a stand out bathing experience that looks great. What’s more, they can be the ideal solution if you’re tight for space but still want to make a statement with your bathroom design and fittings.

Shower Room / Wet Room

A completely separate bathing experience, the wet room / shower room occupies an entire room with no requirement for doors or a glass screen as the room itself becomes the shower enclosure. The wet room / shower room concept promotes a ‘luxurious’ look and feel as a result of the room being opened up, which creates a more attractive space that suits and facilitates contemporary design. What’s more, the concept of a wet room / shower room also allows compatibility with under floor heating systems which further emphasis luxury and style.

Steam Shower

The idea behind the steam shower has been taken from a traditional spa retreat and been made to fit within the modern home to allow for the same benefits to be incorporated into everyday life. The steam shower was designed as a result of the steam bath / sauna, which was built by Ancient Romans as a relaxation tool.

The design incorporates a traditional shower cubical with floor to ceiling door enclosures that keep the heat and vapour within the cubical. Further to this, some steam showers also include a filter that cleans the water leaving purified steam to further facilitate the following benefits clearer skin, infection treatment, increased circulation, stress relief and increased metabolism / weight loss all helping to make every night a spa night!

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