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Creating the ultimate luxury bathroom

30 January 2015

In this week’s blog we will discuss all the ingredients needed to create the ultimate luxury bathroom but first a little history...

The ability to have such lavish fixtures within the modern day home is somewhat of a relatively new concept due to the hefty price tag previously associated with such riches. A style that was once saved for the wealthy has found its way into the mainstream market as a result of wide spread competition from manufacturers forcing all involved to incorporate more into their offering.

Bathroom manufactures have identified the growing demand for such products in the mass market and in an attempt to compete have been forced to loosen the reins on the products price and availability.

Some may argue that the mainstream appeal and availability of this style has cost its wealthy ‘luxurious’ status dearly however if done right we believe the secret ingredient to creating the ultimate luxury bathroom is in the design.

In order to create the ultimate luxury bathroom you will need:

  • 1 spa-whirl pool / free standing bath


  • 1 separate walk-in/wet floor shower

  • 2 basins a.k.a the double basin (1) - the secret to any happy marriage

  • 1 WC preferably back to wall/closed couple


Luxury bathrooms are skilfully tailored right down to the very finest detail and should be engineered to suit your lifestyle and personal taste.

Many luxury bathroom designs make the most of available space which can be worked into your setting through the re-positioning of key fixtures.

Bright lighting, the use of mirrors and appropriate tiling (floor & wall) are all essential luxury design elements that will give your bathroom the clean and elegant look it craves. Experimentation with rich, opulent colours for a bold and dramatic tone are key and will make your luxury bathroom really come to life.

Finer details such as taps, shower heads, accessories (radiators, towel rings/holders), storage(!) and ornamental pieces (scented candles) are the finishing touches that will make your luxury bathroom really come to life. It is important that throughout the design process the features you choose compliment the overly atmosphere ensuring it is serene, the décor clean & simple and the smell heavenly.

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