Bath time rituals & relaxation techniques

11 August 2015

Escapism, relaxation & ‘me-time’ – the 3 most important elements to ensure a healthy mind and soul.

Bathing is a well-known relaxation technique and all round healer for the body. It is a proven fact that taking the time, twice a week, to enjoy a soak will help to relax the muscles, soothe the mind & soul, pamper / moisturise the skin, detoxify the body, stimulate circulation & clear your lymph system and encourage an all-round immune system boost.

As a result of the added health benefits of taking a bath, various cultures around the world incorporate different bathing rituals into their daily lives to add further emphasis to the good they are already doing. In the busy world we now live in if we donate time out of our hectic schedules to indulge in a soak rather than a quick shower we may as well make sure we do it right and ensure we reap all the added benefits.

This week’s blog focus on highlighting the key relaxation techniques that we would suggest adding to your bathing ritual.


Add bubble bath / bath salts - an essential bathing ritual due to the silky feel of your skin after your soak.


Be selective - the use of said bath additions depends on the benefits you are looking for at the time i.e. muscle soak, stress relief, restfulness / sleep easy – choose wisely!


Plan – are you going to bed after your soak? Fresh bedding & nightwear is the icing on the cake. This will ensure the most peaceful and restful night’s sleep possible.


Design - the use of colour and lighting; decoration and room layout all play an integral part in the design of bathroom suite which aided in bath time relaxation – it is the key to ensuring you can completely switch off and enjoy.

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