the total waterproofing solution for wet rooms – ‘tile backer boards’

26 November 2015

OK we admit, the term ‘tile backer board’ isn’t overly invigorating, especially when you’re trying to communicate the features, advantages and benefits of incorporating this innovative waterproofing solution into the design and installation of a wet room.

However time and time again, when proposing the idea of a ‘wetroom’ as a preferable option within a shower room solution we always come across the same questions and concerns – I don’t want a wet room because it will leak. Wrong. And here’s why we insist the termly ‘tile backer board’ is soon to be your unattractively named best friend in wetroom design.

The components making up these magnificent boards consist of a foam centre enclosed in a thin concrete layer. The foam is designed with insulation in mind, unlike you’re your typical plie wood they push heat up through the floor heating the room it is intended for – perfect when coupled with underfloor heating. The concrete layer means a standardised 10mm board is slim in stature however can still withstand the weight of an 18mm thick plie board.

Unlike plie wood these boards are 110% water proof rather than water resistant meaning it will not leak! FACT. For that reason these boards are also favourable as wall boards in wet areas in and around the shower as well as floor coverings - anything that can and does get wet we recommend backing with these boards.

Furthermore, because of the flexible structure this material can also manufactured into various moulds; shower bench, bath sculptures and basin moulds are a taster of what can be achieved. And just in case you need any more reasons to opt for a ‘tile backer board’ when creating your dream wet room here’s one: they can be tiled straight on top of meaning you have a smooth, even surface from the get go – a tilers dream, especially when you have set your heart of large statement tiles.

The same can also be said if laying slip resistant vinyl which is a safer option when creating an accessible shower room solution. In fact, whichever way you look at it, whether creating a sleek and ultra-modern shower room or a safe and practical wetroom solution we highly recommend considering the above benefits when choosing how to sculpt your wetroom shell. What may seem like an expensive option to begin with will actually turn out to be a cost and time effective solution that will prolong the life of your dream wet room.

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