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17 December 2015

This week’s helpful article aims to address, highlight and inform you of the various stylish easy access shower solutions now available to incorporate into the modern home to aid independent living.

It is commonly perceived that the only products available to facilitate easy / safe bathing are clinical and hospital-esk in appearance however this really isn't the case. Long gone are the days whereby the only alternative to a standardised wash room suite to aid safe and independent bathing was a ‘one size fits all’ walk-in bath.

While walk-in baths are ideal for many people, giving more independence and the ability to enjoy a refreshing soak without the worry of getting in and out, they are not right for everyone’s unique wants, needs and aspirational requirements.

Stylish easy access shower solutions; a once dark horse has recently emerged as a front runner, with endless options, both in terms of solution (product) and design. However with choice comes calculated decisions and it is important to fully understand what each solution brings to the table before deciding which will be the best solution to your problem today, tomorrow and for many years to come.

Walk-in Showers

First off, let’s set the record straight – what exactly is a walk-in shower?

As the name would suggest you would think to enter a walk-in shower you would simply ‘walk-in’. One thing to note however is that this shower solution isn’t necessarily level access and most certainly isn’t a wet floor or enclosure / cubicle. Commonly a walk-in shower is often built up on a tray and enclosed by a wraparound glass screen which is usually open ended. Easy access options are built up on a tray which is 25mm in height making get in and out of easier and safer.

Wet Floor Showers & Wet Rooms

Although the principle for these two solutions are the same, a concealed tanking system is installed under the floor allowing level surfaces with the use of a draining water pump, the fixtures around them do differ.

A Wet Floor Shower is where an area of a room is dedicated and concealed to your showering rituals which is usually concealed by a glass enclosure. Again to ensure the area is water tight it is built with a sloped floor for which is tanked for drainage.

A Wet Room is where the whole room becomes the shower – everything is sealed and tanked with a sloped floor to allow for draining meaning there is no need for an enclosure however an open / accessible glass screen or patrician is desired to stop you getting a soggy toilet seat.

Low Level Shower Enclosures

Similar in principle to the walk-in shower, easy access shower enclosures are built up on a low level tray and fully enclosed with a glass surround. There are many different styles, shapes and sizes of enclosures available so you can be rest assured that there will be a shower enclosure or cubicle available to meet your demands due to its compatibility to lend itself to virtually all types of shower rooms.

Aside from the easy access feature that all of the above provide there are also additional safety features that can also be incorporated, either now or later, to further enhance the overall offering of the solution without compromising on style. These include; chrome grab rails, chrome lever shower mixers and taps, built in shower benches or shower seats and slip resistant flooring. The result? A great looking, easy access shower solution that is fit for purpose but equally easy on the eye.

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