The stylish revolution of the walk-in, easy access bath

21 January 2016

What was once a leading product in the accessible bathroom market, the walk-in / easy access bath has, in recent years, stagnated following innovations in the showering sector. As a result, we have seen a real shift towards showering solutions rather than bathing solutions as the emerging ‘showering’ market strived for style & function.

It was highlighted that these accessible products no longer resided with the elderly & disabled however could also be enjoyed by those of a simply more senior age yet required a little help in order to continue to enjoy a relaxing and safe bathing experience.

This emerging market that the showering sector catered for required great quality as well as stylish and un-clinical looking solutions. Aesthetics were improvement, some may argue as important as function and unfortunately the walk-in easy access bath was left behind; until now.


Over the past 12 months real concentration has been given to revolutionising the walk-in easy access bath by means of a stylish facelift. How it works, what it offers, problems it solves and the pros & cons are all pretty much still in place however it has been reinvented and we think it looks great!

Unfortunately, like most solution based products or services great consideration must be given to assessing an individual’s wants and needs. The walk-in bath is a fantastic bathing solution for some but not for all. Easy access shower solutions are desirable for deteriorating & prolonged conditions due to the future proofing and additional safety benefits some solutions of this nature offer.

On the flip side however it can sometimes be essential to be able to have a soak – typically when addressing muscle related conditions. It is also plausible that you don’t have any underlying health conditions relating your decision to adapt your bathroom to an easy access solution. It is highly reasonable that you may simply be struggling getting in & out of your existing bath, which is a common occurrence in older age due to the upper body strength required to heave yourself out of the water, and therefore are just looking to make your life easier but request the ability to still be able to enjoy a soak.

In summary when considering adapting your bathroom we recommend really thinking about why you wish to undertake the works – is it health related? Is it age related? Is it likely any deteriorating will occur? Seeking help & advice from a specialist solutions based provider should help iron out any questions and arm you with the knowledge and understanding required to make an informed decision.

Whatever the outcome, with recent innovations in the bathing solutions market you can be rest assured that design and aesthetics are now in line with style and function. A specialist surveyor and designer should be able to advice on solution choice and design a room with careful consideration being given to individual wants, needs and style preferences. Chosen fixtures solve the underlying problem and design; inclusive of accessories, colour choices, floor and wall selection and sanitary ware selection will address the atmospheric aesthetics of the room.

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