Put a spring in your step with our best practice ideas for summer bathrooms!

23 March 2016

The concept of spring focuses on rejuvenation and renewal. It’s the season of new beginnings; fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth generally seems to come to life again.Everyone stirs from their slumber and for the first time since late October seem ready and willing for the day ahead.

Following on from our winter article it’s now time to consider what can be done to equip your bathroom for the warmer months and what better time to start than in the first week of spring!

Whereas our winter article focused on heating solutions, dim & ambulant lighting, autumnally scents and decorative designs our mood, behaviour and habits will change with the seasons and so should our home interiors.

Your bathroom is your first port of call in a morning and last port of call in an evening and therefore an essential space in relation to determining your outlook.

If your bathroom is not yet ready for spring don’t panic. These small, low cost changes can have a huge impact on the atmospheric look and feel of your suite that have been created to compliment behaviours and mind sets of the seasonal shift.

1) Scents

Fragrances and scents play a vital role in effecting a person’s emotional state. From scents that relieve anger, anxiety and ease depression to smells to improve & increase confidence, memory and fatigue there’s an aroma to suit.

When incorporating scents of spring we would suggest rejuvenating and awakening smells releasing citrus / lemon, floral / grass and fresh linen type odours. The delivery of such can be distributed using the following methods, candles, incense, bubble baths and bath bombs, air fresheners – all perfect for a bathroom environment.

2) Lighting

The dull and dark lit setting of winter bathrooms which frequently incorporate dimmer switches and candle light is now a thing of the past, or for at least a good 6 months! Our bathrooms should now be bright and light so turn those dimmers up and switch mood lighting for striking LED’s to uplift your mood for the change in seasons.

3) Decoration & Ornamentation

There’s a few decorative adjustments and small ornamental investments that you can make that will impact the look and feel of your bathroom, turning it from winter warmth to spring fresh and summer sun.

For the ultimate fresh feel we recommend giving your bathroom a lick of paint. A crisp white, pale ocean blue or tranquil green will complement the coming seasons and prepare you for the change in temperatures.

A great decorative addition would be some fresh fluffy towels – it is lambing season after all and nothing says spring like cotton towels. Furthermore we would recommend bringing spring indoors with some floral decoration. Tulips and daffodils are our personal favorite, bright in colour and fresh in scent, a perfect combination.

Finally why not treat your bathroom to some new accessories – it is the season of new beginnings after all! We recommend chrome fittings in the form of a towel holder, soap dish / dispenser and tooth brush holder too really help bounce the spring sun around the room. Furthermore the days of indulging in a long hot bath are behind us as we strive for fresh, quick and convenient showers. If this sounds like you then why not update your shower curtain, if you have one, to really help give that ‘brand new’ feel to your bathing rituals.

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